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Erik_Patriot82, MN

I think this is an outstanding quote by one of our most revered forefathers of this great country. I foresee a revolution-type clash between the governmental liberal tyrants and the conservatives of this country very soon. You're either one or the other. Whether you see it or not, the current president is attempting to start racial tension against the whites. He sure as hell doesn't bring people together as a unity of one as he had said. As one knucklehead on this page quoted as saying that "Jefferson is a racist F**k, well buddy, if they hadn't brought people over here from other lands to help work on farms and companies, then you probably wouldn't be here right now. You'd be living in a grass hut eating roots, wearing a loin-cloth on another continent. Also, if Lincoln hadn't been shot by Booth, then you'd probably be back in your homeland as well. You had better count your many blessings of the Lord Jesus that the whites brought others over here to live and work, otherwise you wouldn't live in such a great country. Thats all I got to say about that!

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