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J.R., PittsburghJ.R., Pittsburgh
J.R., Pittsburgh

I love this country! Unfortunately, there has been a slow ongoing movement to dumb down the citizenry of this great country, therefore making it possible to easily brainwash the masses into blind obedience to values that are against the Constitution, God, and common sense. We have sat idle, with fear of not being politically correct, and being persecuted for speaking our minds. We have allowed the main stream media to further the corruption of the minds of the weak minded and the unintelligent with misinformation and extreme bias. We have allowed a very small minority to dictate that we have to remove anything religious from public areas, even though this country was founded by God fearing people. We have sat quiet while being deceived by the Government with political rhetoric, double talk, and bold faced lies. The majority of people are consumed with the ever increasing burdens of trying to survive in a deteriorating economy. Make no mistake this too is part of the plan to control the people. Keep them depressed and struggling to survive, while the Government does what they want cloaked in carefully worded deceptive speeches that tell us what we need and is good for us. The government does this because of their greed for power and money. They don't care about what is good and right for the people of this country. The government has become too big and wastes way too much of our money, and has become so irresponsible of their spending habits as to place our great country into a financial catastrophe. Our jurisprudence system has been corrupted into a money making machine for the benefit of the members of The Trial Lawyers Association, one of the strongest special interest associations in the country. They are aided by the main stream media to publicly, try, and convict people before they are even arraigned, making a fair trial impossible. The main stream media used to take pride as professionals to seek out and report the truth. They are now in collaboration with the corrupt powers to turn this great country into a socialist state. The main stream media dwells on over sensationalism which generates higher viewership, higher ratings and increased profits, again greed for power and money, unfortunately at the expense of truth. It has been said that the downfall of the United States will come from within. Our great Republic has, slowly over time, been eroding because of our fear and apathy. Remember, all the brave men and women that have given their last full measure of devotion so that we may continue to enjoy our freedoms. We will not remain free if our apathy continues. The time has come for the citizens of this great country to be brave and speak out. The time grows very short for the survival of our great nation. If we don't stand up, speak out, and take action we will lose our great nation! In God We Trust! God bless all of you, and God bless The United States of America!!!

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