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Jim Kress, NorthvilleJim Kress, Northville
Jim Kress, Northville

Obama, his sycophants and the RINOs have enslaved and abused the citizens of this country to a point where revolution is the only way to regain our Liberty.

Jim Kress, Northville

"Lenin got the ball rolling, with the inspired creation of the Article 58 conditions that allowed the Soviets to imprison, exile, or execute practically anyone for practically anything. ." Sounds like the original incarnation of "The Patriot Act"

Jim Kress, Northville

Jury nullification is a legitimate right of the people. If they believe a law is unjust (or actually illegal or unconstitutional), it is their right, no, obligation, to destroy it. For example, in one case where I was called for jury duty, a woman was going to be jailed because she had comitted a crime in the past and the prosecutor wanted to make sure she could not do it again, even though she was not being changed with a criminal act. She was being chagred with "the POTENTIAL of possibly comitting a criminal act." That is a Bill of Attainder and is explicitly forbidden by the US Constitution. However, that did not deter the prosecutor. When I pointed this out during jury selection, the judge blew his cool and had me kicked out of the jury pool. I can only hope I sufficently poisedned the jury npool to the point that the poor, innocent woman was not convicted of a crime she hadn't even comitted.

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