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John Mills, Berkeley, California RepublicJohn Mills, Berkeley, California Republic
John Mills, Berkeley, California Republic

With: "A well regulated militia, BEING NECESSARY ["to nip in the bud" all that ails a moral and discerning populace IN COMMAND of each part of THEIR OWN choice of LIMITED government]...!", need we more of a reminder that in its Eternal War On Individual Liberty, the only FINAL SOLUTION the reptilian conflagration of unlimited government can comprehend is the whole people addressing violations directly and in concert, AND WITH A VERY BIG STICK in hand? After all, is not the price of THEIR Liberty to BE PAID BY the whole people the very costly one of Eternal Vigilance? But one of the two fingers held high in the "V" For Victory sign, if that price is the index finger, is not the other finger the armed, discerning, and organized, citenzenry on guard, and at all times necessary, ready to stick the BIG STICK? Remember the VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT? Everyone is ready to fight the destruction of a home if, for no other reason, than they DEPEND ON THEIR NEIGHBORS, if the time comes, to help save theirs. Does not our hard-won American Liberty deserve THAT much security? If there ever could even be such a thing as "good" government, it has been said, Government AFRAID OF the people, is "good" government. THIS is The American Dream: well-watered allodial land, hard money, and IMMUNITIES from unlimited government.

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