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Ken S., Warren, MIKen S., Warren, MI
Ken S., Warren, MI

S. Jones, I won't even touch on the obvious stupidity of that statement as far as self defence goes. Again Stupid, the second amenment has nothing to do with defending yourself from criminals. Do you really think that your government will ever give up their guns, STUPID! baaaa, baaaa. Is that a little more clear to you? Moron.

Ken S., Warren, MI

It may or may not be a false quote, but the number of mindless sheep that agree with it is truly scary. The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting or protecting yourself against home invaders. Its only purpose is to maintain a healthy fear of the citizenry by the government instead of the other way around. This is your one right that guarantees all the others. That was the original intent and it is timeless. You would all do well to remember that.

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