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Ken, Cincinnati, OHKen, Cincinnati, OH
Ken, Cincinnati, OH

@Marine - 0311, Deployed in Afghanistan: Man...I am losing all sorts of respect for you military folks. It looks like maybe you are all totalitarian war mongers...I fear from my freedom and liberty and country with a military with this midset.

Ken, Cincinnati, OH

@A proud Army Veteran, Alexandria, Va., The founders (including Jefferson) committed treason to bring you this country. This is a time of war because you are gullible enough to believe your government. I hope not all veterans think American citizens need to be blind folded and shot if they think their government is out of control. I assume by your stament you served to propogate tyranny.

Ken, Cincinnati, OH

@Anonymous, an nasariyah Iraq: First, such pleasant language...it shows your wealth of intelligence. Second, who are you to tell anyone to "STFU"? I thought the foundation of freedom was the right to free speech. Who's side are you on anyway?

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