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Loyalist of 1776 Hoffnagel, southportLoyalist of 1776 Hoffnagel, southport
Loyalist of 1776 Hoffnagel, southport

Just for those of you who feel the Patriot Act isn't just; you might Reference the Constitution: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The Government has the responsibility of protecting lives first and foremost. No where does the Constitution and or its amendments claim you have a Right to Privacy. Not to say it should not... nor would I say I totally agree with all that is contained in the Patriot Act. Also, for you bleeding heart Liberals wishing to find fault and blame Bush. Clinton was no saint .... most of what was allowed in the Act was already being done by the prior Admin. without us knowing. You might all consider reading Gore Vidal recent book giving reason why he moved out of the country. It was because of what Clinton did against our Rights and Liberty!!

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