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Mark W, Aurora, ColoradoMark W, Aurora, Colorado
Mark W, Aurora, Colorado

Many a truth is said in jest;
Fake News would die, without its audience of willing believers
this quote exemplifies 64M blind dems voting for a rapist enabler.

Mark W, Aurora, Colorado

perfect description of what has happened to Hollyweird, the celebrity fantasy cultists take themselves all so pompous and serious

the haughty facade of the vacuous left stands like a garish tribute with every public function, like a grotesque Burj Kahlifa sprouting from ashes of Nagasaki

Mark W, Aurora, Colorado

best quote for describing the intellectual divide among Americans today!!

lefties see it crooked,
Patriots are MAGA

the tween shall never meet

the leftists have left American Liberty, MSM is driving everyone elsewhere

Mark W, Aurora, Colorado

I would like to take Waffler to a Tea Party Rally

THANKS as aslways, to Mike in Norwalk!!!


Mark W, Aurora, Colorado

A fine quote!

Mike, I take exception to your declaration of Trump as a, "...fascist war/hate monger "... I was never any Trump fan, until he spanked the rotten GOP and made a mockery of the evil witch from NWO hell. How can you call him, "fascist", when he dismantles govt machines and loosens regulations on business? Trump is confounding the fascists, not one of them! War monger, baloney - that is the same mud they slung at Rotten Ronnie and look at the goodness of his outcome! Trump masterfully steers rocket-man to the table, yet you call him a warmonger - what the heck?? Show me where Trump HATES - this is the worst accusation of all; Trump hates The Establishment running amok with impunity, ALL THE REAL HATRED today is possessed by those resisting and deriding MAGA. Do you think Trump is a racist, too??? Can you admit any or all of the GOOD Trump is doing?

Mark W, Aurora, Colorado

I think it's a beautiful quote, WHY ALL THE NEGATIVE REACTIONS??

Quote is not attempting to "define Liberty"! MORE ACCURATELY, Alma Daniel calls Our attention to the power of emancipating Our SELVES from the common groupthink and dogma, in order taht We might best serve Our inner souls and spiritual programs to their fullest and greatest manifestation.

Blows me away, to see all the negative reaction here; I reckon I was unaware I am far more emancipated in spirit - akin to message of quote - than all the naysayers here calling it junk whom cannot take an extra moment to suss its True meaning.

All my life I have followed my own path, to the chagrin of such self-hobbled naysayers. I am surprised to find so many here on an otherwise benevolent and intellectual board.

Mark W, Aurora, Colorado

Trump does his best to MAGA and do good,
but crooked lefty statist sees that idea as too different to accommodate.

This quote is more powerful than ever these days, as Fundamental Change has debased America, and the output of Hollyweird teeters the brainwashed masses toward Gomorrah.

Mark W, Aurora, Colorado

The idea of Liberty has died in the hearts of crooked lefty democrats voting for globalist fascism.

These are the same global fascist thinkers who knew of Clinton's crimes yet turned a willing blind eye to her vile history.

Conservatives are attempting to MAGA, too bad the rotten GOP is in the bag for lefties & globalists!


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