Barry GoldwaterBarry Goldwater, (1909-1998) US Senator (R-Arizona)

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“How did it happen? How did our national government grow from a servant with sharply limited powers into a master with virtually unlimited power? In part, we were swindled. There are occasions when we have elevated men and political parties to power that promised to restore limited government and then proceeded, after their election, to expand the activities of government. But let us be honest with ourselves. Broken promises are not the major causes of our trouble. Kept promises are. All too often we have put men in office who have suggested spending a little more on this, a little more on that, who have proposed a new welfare program, who have thought of another variety of 'security.' We have taken the bait, preferring to put off to another day the recapture of freedom and the restoration of our constitutional system. We have gone the way of many a democratic society that has lost its freedom by persuading itself that if 'the people' rule, all is well.”

Barry GoldwaterBarry Goldwater
~ Barry Goldwater

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Mike, Norwalk

Said well.

J Carlton, Calgary

You gotta love Goldwater. And speaking of security...REAL ID is back on the table at the White House. Yep! these bastards want to tag us all like sheep. What's next? Permission to drive down the Highway? "You're papers please" Has a familiar ring to it. doesn't it? Oh well, I'm sure it's for our own good....

cal, lewisville, tx

Goldwater warned the nation in 1964 that if you give the federal government the power of the Civil Rights Acts, then you are giving it all total and complete power. He has been proven right ever since.

jim k, austin

I voted for Goldwater but we got the crook LBJ instead. It's been down hill ever since.

E Archer, NYC

"How did it happen?" And how do we get our rights back? How do we get the bastards out of office when they violate their oaths and limited authority? When Obama said he would create millions of new jobs, did he mention that they would be government jobs? A person with a government job will vote in favor of keeping his job -- no matter if we all have to borrow to pay for it or whether we benefit or not. Elections are but a show, and there appears to be plenty of evidence that election results are being tampered with and have been for decades. The people need to take back their State governments and tell Washington to stay in their swamp. And all you Americans voting for money should be ashamed of yourselves. Money will not buy back your rights -- it's going to take a lot more than that. You may not care, and that my friends, is what will ensalve you, us, and our posterity. That is the legacy of nationalism.

Waffler, Smith

Ho Hum! Just a lot of pablum for the childish faithful. Never forget he endorsed Clinton. This is just political nonsense speak. It hit me clearly on Saturday why govenment is needes. I visited a State of Florida run cave. The guide said that no one was to touch anything inside the cave. He said the other caves in the area had been closed and sealed becasuse "free" individuals had rippped off many of the the stalagtites and stalagmites. This is a great example why government is needed, government is not evil people are evil.

J Carlton, Calgary

You think the government should maintain caves? Oh my God! How completely indoctrinated and unthinking that truly is.

Ben, Orem, UT

Waffler, you know nothing of property rights. Your talk of caves makes no sense. If people are evil, government is evil, for the government derives its powers from the people. Not all people are evil, but not all government is good. Government according to law is superior to government according to majority vote.

Stewart, Dallas

It happened because of selfish greed and no morals on the part of government officials. The American people are also to blame. They would have kept FDR in forever. When did the income tax start? A federal agency that does not have to follow due process of law. Americans wanting government freebies and handouts, instead of actually working . . . someting for nothing except their votes.

Waffler, Smith

Who should run caves. The remaining cave is protected by the people through their government from the pigs who would destroy it. I agree with Ben that not all people are evil but people will deteriorate towards evil if it is not confronted and opposed. People united (government) confront the cave rustlers, traffic violaters etcetera. Left to themselves without a reasonable amonut of governance people will destroy this planet.

J Carlton, Calgary

"People united (government)" = Communism. No Thanks.

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RBESRQ    8/12/09

He talk with fork tongue

Waffler, Smith

So all folk who have governemnt are commuinsts I guess in J Carlton's weird little world. ( I think subconsciously I knew had he actually thinks along with a few others.) Communities run their public affairs all over the world. Of course community is the root word fro communism and that is unforturnate because community action is much different that what Mr. Carlton would like to imply. Basically I think J Carlton is and some others are just misanthropic sociopaths.

J Carlton, Calgary

Waffler, are you delusional enough to actually believe that our governemnt actually gives a Flying Rat's A** about the people? let alone represents them? Wake up bud! The government represents the Corporations and Bankers that bought them. Their job is to "control" the people, not represent them. Its more than a "little weird" its criminal!

John, Madison, MS

This started before 1900 and FDR is the king regarding this quote. LBJ did his share and now we have the U S today. We will probably not go back - only forward. BHO will finish US off.

Durham Ellis, Birmingham

First, we bought the lie that our republic is a democracy--an evil form of government our founders rejected. Current Americans don't even know what a republic is.

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    11/6/15

If only the likes of the wise and astute Barry Goldwater could have been reincarnated ... at least to completely agitate the truly already bonkers Marxist Waffler.

Jim k, Austin

" Government is a disease masquerading as it's own cure". L.Neal Smith.

Walter Hickman, Girard, Ga

Great quote from a great man ~! I have one of his Goldwater for President bumper stickers along with some of the AUH2 stickers.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

Cease ALL "Legalized Plunder " would deal well with the socialist and corporatist. on all levels, fed, state and local !

E Archer, NYC

Waffler isn't a Marxist, he doesn't have the guts for that; he is a government shill.

Mike, Norwalk

One example of servant to master is government licensing. A license is: A right given by some competent authority to do an act, which without such authority would be illegal (Bouviers Law Dictionary) A personal privilege to do some particular act or series of acts ⋯ The permission by competent authority to do an act which, without such permission would be illegal, a trespass, a tort, or otherwise not allowable. (Blacks Law Dictionary, 6th Edition) The permission, by competent authority to do an act which without permission, would be illegal, a trespass, or a tort. (People vs. Henderson, 218 NW.2d 2, 4).

In layman's terms, a government license is a carnal god (an in toto aloof deity with more authority, power, sovereignty, rights, mastery over servants, and substance than mere chattel patrons) giving privilege to perform criminal acts without prosecution. The carnal god, operating its quo warranto / color of law & office statist theocracy declares the millennia old religious sacrament of marriage to be an illegal act - requiring carnal god privilege (license) to act in such illegal status without prosecution. Of course, the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land requires that its religious ordinances through paid special privilege (license) be/is superior to all other jurisdictions and forms of such religious ordinances.

The right to make use of an automobile as a vehicle of travel along the highways of the state, is no longer an open question. The owners thereof have the same rights in the roads and streets as the drivers of horses or those riding a bicycle or traveling in some vehicle. (House vs. Cramer, 1 12 N. W. 3; 134 Iowa 374 (1907)). The use of the highways for the purpose of travel and transportation is not a mere privilege, but a common and fundamental Right of which the public and the individual cannot be rightfully deprived. (Chicago Motor Coach vs. Chicago, 169 NE 22) The claim and exercise of a constitutional Right cannot be converted into a crime. (Miller vs. U.S., 230 F. 486, 489)

As constituted: U.S. Constitution, Article: I Section IX clause 8 (national prohibition), and Article: I Section X clause 1; (state prohibition) No State shall ⋯ grant any Title of Nobility What is a Title of Nobility as constitutionally understood. A Title of Nobility was/is: To confer a title of nobility, is to nominate to an order of persons to whom privileges are granted ⋯ It is not necessarily hereditary, and the objection to it arises more from the privileges supposed to be attached, than to the otherwise empty title or order. (Horst v. Moses 48 Ala. 129, 142 (1872); Corpus Juris, 46, 598, Nobility note 4; Bouvier's Law Dictionary, (1884) Nobility) What is prohibited to the States is forbidden to the Court to enforce, (California Motor Transport Co. v. Trucking Unlimited, 404 U.S. 908 {1972}). The legal inability for the sentient sovereigns servant State to issue privilege is a matter res judicata. The titles of nobility - i.e., husband, wife, driver, contractor, etc., etc., etc. are absolute illustrations of the god state being the master over insignificant servant chattel.

Tony, Silver Spring, Md

Waffler in his confusion actually made the case for limited government.

"...not all people are evil but people will deteriorate towards evil if it is not confronted and opposed."

George Washington said it best:
"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence. It is force, and like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

John Shuttleworth, NYC

My mother's opinion on government and politics was rather simple: "If there is going to be a convention of thieves to which you are allowed to send a representative, would you send the local priest or the best crook you can find and pay him well ?" Even at that, what guarantee do you have this person will actually represent your interests ? The best option you have is the power to fire (vote out) and have in place safeguards which can limit the damage by any one person while in place. Such are the inherent problems of large democracies: they have no choice but to be a representational system. The only other choice is to live in such limited groups where one can afford individual participation. Going back through history, once man left the hunter gatherer group system and stayed in one spot,was sufficiently fed and comfortable, procreated and multiplied, a system of government by mutual consent was necessary which is, in my opinion, an impossibility to maintain without force. People will not agree amongst themselves. People will take advantage and where force does not work, guile possibly might; but force is always the fall back resolution. Thou shalt love one another, or we will kill you. Please, give me a current world political situation which will demonstrate other.

Luis, miami

Excelente !!

Mark W, Aurora, Colorado

I would like to take Waffler to a Tea Party Rally

THANKS as aslways, to Mike in Norwalk!!!


Ronw13, OR

Goldwater almost got it right, I guess he just forgot certain terms as Liberty and Republic. Like most who fear the Democ Mob, they wish to keep their head upon their shoulders.
1) Economic, Chophshiy Liberty.
2) Manumission from slavery, Eleutheria liberty.
3) Freed Man, access to the presence of God without denomination.Apeleutheros Liberty.
These liberties were/are of mutual consent, to be protected by our governmental body of servants. Our nation was founded by a nomadic people, moving west was the call of opportunity and prosperity, setting down roots, not everyones cup of tea. Some lively hoods dependent upon Freedom to move about, as is today. A Hybrid form of government was needed to assure mutual consent between first and second nation peoples. " We the People in order to form a More perfect union" simplicity is applied, a single treasure within the heart of Patriots, that being our liberty from oppression. Oppression being, a loan with a sting, forced exaction, direct tax of the individual's labor. denied manumission from slavery. Suppression of liberating foundational doctrines from institutions of education. Force was used to Break these Chains of oppression. A Declaration of Independence, of peace and war was Declared before the world, A Constitutional Defence of said independence from oppression was established under a Republican form of government with a democratic process. Ruled by the laws of nature, moral law, common law applied. Force is/will be used to Restore our form of Free Popular government. Checks against tyranny through/by majority, the electoral college, and Convention of States. Votes rather than bullets at this time have worked. President Trump was elected, an Independent Firebrand and Sincere Patriot for the Restoration through/by the breaking of the Siege upon our Republic. SSI and FICA, FDR's socialistic move, turned in favor of conservative Patriots of low estate, Regardless of party. Baby Boomers. A broad overview would see it coming. This injection of socialism, though odd, has bolstered the support of Conservative Patriots and Defence of our Constitutional Republican form of government. When Republican Conservative Leadership is in power with the intent/resolve of Restoration, we find ourselves in line with Thomas Jefferson and original intent. FDR the socialist who saves us from communism, has been said before. Not to mention the 13 attribute of liberty which deal directly to lending institution. Any two people can be connected in a maximum of six steps, An optimal Algorithm to calculate degrees of separation is found within Natural laws of nature, 13.3 request, between two, 67 request, 6+7=13. This harmony through and by our Creator's nature, become self evident. Hence the presence of God's projected power of Sovereignty upon the Individual and nation who declare these liberties for themselves. Numbers do not lie, when communicating, people do. Numbers/Tokens, representing the Creator's Spiritual presence without bias, or private interpretation. Truth is measurable as also faith.

Mike, NM
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Mike, NM    5/31/18

Sheep will choose "free stuff" over Liberty every time.

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    5/31/18

The late and great Barry Goldwater, and his Wise Words that were full of Wonderful Wisdom!.

Mike, Norwalk

The question; "How did our national government grow from a servant with sharply limited powers into a master with virtually unlimited power?" — can be answered by explaining philosophies of law and religion.

The de jure States united was to be a body politic with servants that were to represent individual sovereigns' inalienable rights and liberty (NOT! the persons themselves) at natural law ("the laws of nature and of nature's God" (Declaration of Independence))

The national representative "republican form of government" (Article IV Section 4, U.S. Constitution) along with all other segments of government (local to . . . ) has completely abandon rights and liberty at law for an applied philosophy of legal positivism. Carnal gods now stand in supreme demonic position as law givers, judges, educators, etc. not addressing inalienable rights or liberty BUT RATHER, controlling chattel directly with ecclesiastical values, ethics, morals, authoritative dominance and arbitrary canons.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Mike, Norwalk 2/3/22

Christianity's applied principles at law derive from each individual is a noble sovereign, "a joint heir with Christ" (Son of Eternity's King). Such reality is antithetical to the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land's claim to be "a master with virtually unlimited power". The demonic one world order also finds antithetical to its philosophy, religion, authority, power and ability natural law with applied Christian principles.


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