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Mike, Pleasant Hill, IowaMike, Pleasant Hill, Iowa
Mike, Pleasant Hill, Iowa

That's why they are slowly feeding a socialism so we won't see the communism coming until it's too late.

Mike, Pleasant Hill, Iowa

A person might ask what are these people doing in government representing the citizens, why do these crooks and basically people of very poor character continually being reelected?
The answer is simple, they promised benefits to the voters to reelect them so the hard truth is are the voters any better because they hire a scoundrel to rob their neighbor instead of having the guts to do it themselves.

Key factors is government indoctrination in the education system, the destruction of the family and the assault on targeted people of faith primarily Christianity.

Mike, Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Carlton, you and the others are correct. The people are fed up and so the election president Donald Trump in hopes that a non-politician can make a difference. Afterwards we have seen the deep state retaliate Russian collusion hoax and the dirty dossier Paid for by the Clintons and the DNC to cover the corruption of the former administration.
The deep state/swamp is pushing back hard utilizing the ignorant useful idiots now clamoring for socialism and electing radicals like the squad into Congress.
What is happening is a cold Civil War only awaiting the right catalyst to turn hot!

Mike, Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Nothing irritates the liberal/progressive mind more than the truth, as their extensive comments demonstrate with this quote.
Those that insists that this quote is not true I would invite you to contemplate the words "self evident."
If you favor socialism /communism I also invite you to leave and go to a socialist country and live and practice what you preach and leave those of us who value liberty in peace. But, of course you won't!

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