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Mike, NYC

the reason why we don't see the blood of tyrants is cause the enforcers are there stomping out the blood of patriots because they have been lead to believe that these patriots are the tyrants. This has been done bye the military industrial MEDIA complex. They have become very good at brainwashing and dumbing down the troops. Its unfortunate but its why we have patriots fighting each other as the real tyrants laugh at us. They have many tactics we have just one. Until we can spread the truth and show proof as wikileaks has done we will not have a chance to take down these tyrants. These men have been doing this for too long and we are all new to this. Fighting will not work until we rally the truth to the masses. Sacrafice of many patriots lives and blood will be the only way. anyone who acts in a violent way will just be fighting against the patriots and for the tyrants. It is very late in the game! Very late in the game indeed !!!!!!

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