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Nan, Pearland, TXNan, Pearland, TX
Nan, Pearland, TX

There are a wide variety of homeschoolers, just like schooled people. Some do great, some don't. What homeschooling offers is time to think. Time to get up and move around if you feel like it. Time to go on field trips. Time to develop deep and lasting bonds with the family. The family is truly the only unit that deeply cares for an individual. Friends are fleeting, family is permanent. My son was homeschooled until 10th grade. He made the adjustment to high school just fine. He was able to discuss and debate matters and challenge his teacher and fellow students. He has his own opinions, he did not espouse my opinions. He and I debate things all the time. We do not agree politically but I don't care. He has made up his mind on things by himself. He did well enough in high school to get $30K a year in scholarships to a very good liberal arts college. He is doing very well there and after 4 years there has presented papers at national and international conferences, things only grad students usually do. Homeschooling is not perfect but it does work for most people.

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