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Posts from Painless Tragedy, Michigan, USA some place

Painless Tragedy, Michigan, USA some placePainless Tragedy, Michigan, USA some place
Painless Tragedy, Michigan, USA some place

The Spectre of Thomas Jefferson came to me in my Dreams teleported me to the Georgia Guidestones which was written in blood Stop the NWO on every corner. He told me I would be a Great General in the Resistance. He said it was Time to Take up Arms. Glory be to the New Republic. I've taken the Oath, any other Oath Takers? I think America is only two more Tyranical Obamanation Bills from a All out Civil War Uprising. Correct the Government has already Exeeding it's Constitutional Boundries. Like someone in here stated. They Control what Medicines we take. They are the reason New Medicines kill thousands before they are Recalled. See Codex Alimentarius, The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and now the United Nations? WTF? Seriously? Are killing people by the truck loads. Genocide and Depopulation. That's right Population Control. What is Interesting is most of these Recalls contain Pyramid Symbolism. Maybe just thowing it out there. Maybe it's the Illuminati behind this. And the Healthcare. Not the Government by the Secret Society Bilderberg. I know about a 2 Year Data Manadatory Retention Legislator being Presenting in the Following Days. If it passes it will be Official. Thoughtcrimes will be here people. Like a Modernday 1984 Novel. This or the Healthcare Bill after it's already been Deemed by the High Courts as "Unconstitution" Because people should not be Forced to Provide Healthcare Coverage for themselves. Funny the Same thing should go for Car Insurance. Social Security Taxes and IRS is a Clear Violation of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. JFK Knew this and about Operation Northwoods that is why he really was Assassinated. He wanted to End the FED Banks and Reform the CIA/FBI. Bin Laden didn't Mastermind 911. It was the CIA who did back in 1962. your all being played. Egypt Uprising, over the same thing wrong with our Government. No Ability to Vote for Impeachment based on Presidents or Officials/Politicans/Judges Clear Violations of the Law that Governs the People. Yeah People shouldn't fear the Government. And if 10% is good enough for God how come it's not Good enough for the US Government, IRS, etc. I wouldn't be in Economic Struggle if the Government would just stop stealing Blood Money from our Paychecks. I took the Oath and I plan to Fulfill it when the Uprising begins. Killuminati...The Illuminati Control our Media they are dumbing us all down like a Idocracy. They aren't a Democracy, they are a Monoarchy of Royal Blood. They all are Closely Related our Presidents even Vice Presidents. Lies! Damn Lies! all of it. They are no different than the Ancient Egyptians. They are Modernday Pharaohs it's madness I say. Resist and Molotov! Don't Fear them or the Patriot Act Bill. Arm yourself as Thomas Jefferson once Proclaimed and Water the Tree of Liberty. The Tree of Liberty is Very Thirsty... Most importantly don't worry what other people think of you. They claim Conspiracies have been around for ages. The Conspiracy HAS been around for ages. And the Media Supresses it. Stop the Elite Zionist Invasion. Save our Country before it's too late. The Illuminati seek a Exoteric, Luciferian Agenda...Global Slavery and Second Holocaust. Our Media, Music Industry Desensitize Martial Law 666 all the time. Neobabylonian Mind Control Psi ops going on about almost every signal Television Program or Video Game even. They Control so much they will be tough to defeat. Cause they operate in several Countries Worldwide. Obama is a Puppet of the New World Order. Stop listening to his Hoca Pocus and Hypnosis and Go make the Change. They are trying to Sabotage our Economy. Then they will Attempt to Kill everyone with a Plague of somekind. They already Exeeded there Goal to Get Everyone to Obsess over Privacy Protection and Police State Technologies. (RFID Driver Licenses, RFID Car Ignitions, RFID Passports and IBM RFID Scanners, TSA Full Body Scanners and RC Hovering Cameras, Personal Face Recognition Billboards etc.) The Survivors will be rounded up and force to take the RFID Chip Impants. Top it off with Chemical Trails Destroying the Ozone and creating fawny Global Warming Effects so Al Gore can Sucker all you fools into thinking it's Global Warming when in Fact it's 2012 or Nibiru "Planet X" Entering our Solar System. Don't Trust the Police, Government, Stop Paying your Credit Card Bills and IRS. Resist they can't stop us all. We must have like a Sparticus Moment. We must Unite and Liberate America so we can have a Future and our Children and there children may have a Future and Freedom that we either took for granted or never really had in the first place! Sorry for the Lenthy Reply but I felt it in my Heart tonight to tell you the real truth. Don't worry about me. I've been a Vitim of 2 Police Brutalities for no apparent Reason no Police Record, I've had my House Vandalized by Rentacops or Undercover Federal Agents. I've had my Identity Confused with a 2 time Prison Escapee Fugitive. I've been Threatin to be Assassinated by Government Spynetworks "Operation Tupac" if I continue Exposing the Illuminati, doing what I used to do best. I gave it up in the Interest of my Families Safety. But I would rather Die for Freedom to Live Forever without it.

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