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Ray, GraysvilleRay, Graysville
Ray, Graysville

Your freedom ends where my nose starts and the same is true for me! And the way I read this quote is BIG Government is the answer and it sounds like that welfare scumbag and idiot Maxine Waters!

Ray, Graysville

Even great men make mistakes Theodore Roosevelt made them he quit when he should have run again and he backed Taft! Harry Truman was president when I was born and was a GREAT President but he let that damnedable UN be built in this country! Since then all the so-called presidents have done nothing but fill their greedy pockets!

ray, Graysville

president rag-head would probabaly say that this are "just [more] words"! Since he won't even turn over his so-called birth certficate!

ray, graysville

Slick willy was an ASS HOLE when he was in Arkansas' govenor and he still IS!

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