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Tyrone Greene, Washington, DCTyrone Greene, Washington, DC
Tyrone Greene, Washington, DC

Nice "D". That's what you should do. Let every else work while you sit back and worry about the Miami Heat. That's going to bring the country back from financial collapse. Maybe LeBron will write you a check, becuase I sure as hell will not.

Tyrone Greene, Washington, DC

Whoever said the quote is 100% on target and the future of the Untied States of America is at risk. Beleive it or not, and you could not tell by watching the election results, but nobody's team won a superbowl, nobody's team a World Series, or any event for that matter. It was an election. AN election for the President of the Untied States, Our Commander and Chief. It is an embarassment to see these type of reactions. Let's start thinking about the America for our kids and their kids and less about the here and now.

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