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Wardog, MiamiWardog, Miami
Wardog, Miami

I think that Americans have become too comfortable and too much in complacency with themselves. ZOG should be aware that when people do not have their comforts they become irrational! This is getting ready to happen with the collapse of the economy. All jobs are going away and people are losing their jobs each and every day. Now lets see when this takes hold and people snap out of their sleep of the total brainwashed that they have been given by the Zog controlled Media. When millions will be homeless because they are jobless!!! When Zog gives millions of illegals Amnesty that will take our jobs that are left for less than $7.00 an hr. and pay not into the system with taxes and ss, and the end but beginning of total slavery to Zog! Maybe when all this happens Americans will stop being such a bunch of pussies and instead become pussy-footed! Come on now, Zog is counting on us all to be a bunch of pussy's! Loose lips sink ship's and Kilroy is watching! There are traitors even here in this place watching! Then and only then will Americans have nothing to lose but their lives which in some ways has all ready happened.

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