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William Kemp, Liberty, MSWilliam Kemp, Liberty, MS
William Kemp, Liberty, MS

And for Waffler-- well into the 20th Century crew served weaponry was commonly found in civilian hands. And on April 19, 1775, the colonial militia shot up the Brits to protect their cannon. Arms equivalent to the government-- after all, they're operating on OUR delegated authority, eh? How is it that government has authority not possessed by the citizenry? Or do they just presume that they have stolen that authority, lock, stock, and barrel? Disgusting.

William Kemp, Liberty, MS

He shore do talk purty, don't he? This part of his 'decision' is pure crap, window dressing to make people, gunowners, THINK that they have a right. However, the only part of the 'decision' which means anything is where he blesses the Miller decision, and gives Heller over to licensing and registration. So much for our having a 'RIGHT'. Just another black robed whore.

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