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empyrius, Spokaneempyrius, Spokane
empyrius, Spokane

Darn right Jaret in Orlando! Down with this corrupt "two" one party government and their corporate and bankster masters!

empyrius, Spokane

For those interested in the whys, means, and end of the upcoming revolution, here are two stories that fill in the details: http://empyrius.org/oddblogballs.aspx http://empyrius.org/therepublic.aspx pax vobiscum

empyrius, Spokane

There goes big duck killing for the American corpotocracy that is his true enemy! You and the wife keep on killing innocents over there, at least you are not yet killing innocents over here, in America. Jesus even dined with a tax collector but he didn't pay taxes to the Roman state (being that he didn't have any money), and as he took to heaven one of the thieves he was crucified with, I thank G-d that indeed there is hope for all of us. Shed yourself of the idolatry of patriotism and instead arm thyself with the armor of Christ! Amen.

empyrius, Spokane

Indeed! The inimatable Aristotle 's brilliance shines through the millenia; and accurately forecasts events as transpiring in the 21st century. Time for freedom loving Americans to exercise our moral right to rid the world of the evil corpotocracy, the American government and their corporate sponsors, who seek to enslave the entire world unto their avaricious unholy will. Global 'free'-trade is simply a euphemism for a world of corporte slaves. Rise up people!

Empyrius, Spokane

Jesus Christ IS the ultimate socialist! Time to overthrow this evil American government and their international corporate sponsors; Mammon lovers one and all they are! Taking care of our fellow man should be the only 'business' humankind ever has, and the passing of gold and silver is an age to soon be but a horrilble chapter in the history of humanity. One can either serve God or Money there is no in-between! Praise Jesus! Amen. Amen. http://empyrius.blogspot.com/2007/02/republic-21st-century-odyssey.html

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