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meta-historian, toronto, on, ca

-- JA, Utica, NY Wrote - REVOLUTION IS NEEDED, NOW MORE THEN EVER SINCE THE DAY WE TOOK THIS LAND FOR OURSELVES. LET'S TAKE IT BACK FROM THE TYRANTS THAT CONTROL US TODAY. --alexandria , va qoute--- You're a fuggin idiot and what you just said is treasonous. You need to be blind folded and shot. This is a time of War we are in and your statements of taking down the government are a cause of natural concern. You are a moron and a dolt_ME SAY_ you are so wrrong do your history this quote and many others from jefferson. tells the american citizen's that if there government is to ever become corrupt to take up arms against the tyrants in charge and take control of the country again the us milatary is a joke go look up the song real terrorism by KRS one aka the teacha and the creator of the stop the violence movement. peace out power to all those with the knowledge to think for them selfs

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