Alfred E. NewmanAlfred E. Newman, (1954- ) Mascot for MAD Magazine

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“Crime does not well as politics.”

Alfred E. NewmanAlfred E. Newman
~ Alfred E. Newman

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Yazan, Syria

I agree with this proverb, because most people consider crime illegal action, and they do not have the same thinking about bad politics .

E Archer, NYC

"What -- me worry?" YES! ;-)

Mike, Norwalk

;-) you gotta love it (-; anybody remember Mrs. Clinton's investments? Now that the price of a gallon of gas is choking America, does anybody hear the Bushes complaining? How about those pensions?

abdul karim siddiqui, varanasi

yes,i m agree.showing our darked nature is easy to showing smiling face

Ken, Milford Pa

If I rob a bank, I go right to jail. If a bank robs me, they get a raise, a bonus, a pension, and a handsome severence, and I get to pay off their debts. All thanks to our president who thinks that the treasury is his personal funds. Stand up America and be heard. Contact your congressman and senators. It your money, not theirs.

shelley, morganville, new jersey

he is not merely a smiling face. i'm mad about him

E Archer, NYC

Congress is filled with millionaires; how does this happen on a government salary?  The Clinton's, Gore's, Kerry's, Feinstein's, Pelosi's, Biden's, and yes even Obama have become famously rich.  Surprisingly, the richest members of Congress are Democrats, their source of wealth usually being inheritance, government contracts, and the fruits of insider information. 

Let's face it, de facto government is legalized crime, and there are lots of people who want to get in on the very lucrative act.


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