American Jewish Committee’s Magazine Quote

“The International government of the United Nations, stripped of its legal trimming, then, is really the International Government of the United States and the Soviet Union acting in unison.”

~ American Jewish Committee’s Magazine

Commentary, November 1958, p. 376

Ratings and Comments

Dusan Mandick, my town?

I think this building is great! I like the originality of this building. It's Fucking awesome!!!!

J Carlton, Calgary

Things have evolved greatly sinse is no longer just the two super powers acting in's every sand and banana republic in the UN. Indeed a communist organization...and we're sending our kids to fight it's trumped up wars.

E Archer, NYC

The Rockefellers and other NYC bankers were instrumental in financing the Russian Revolution. The Rockefellers created the CFR which in turn created the UN. The UN is built upon Rockefellers land -- previously a slaughterhouse. The intent of the UN was to put both the US and USSR under the thumb of the Rockefeller/Rothschild banking dynasty. Totalitarian world government is really all the UN is about.


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