Ammon HennacyAmmon Hennacy, (1893-1970) Catholic anarchist, pacifist, vegetarian, draft refuser in two world wars, tax resister, "one-person revolution in America."

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β€œAn anarchist is anyone who doesn't need a cop to tell him what to do.”

Ammon HennacyAmmon Hennacy
~ Ammon Hennacy

Whenever Ammon was arrested for any number of reasons, mostly for "illegal" picketing, instead of pleading guilty or innocent he would plead 'anarchy'. This was his reply to the judge's question 'What is an anarchist?'

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Joel, Rochester, MI

Our government representatives don't think they need to be policed, but people do. And when anyone breaks a new law, that they create to save us from ourselves, they will prove themselves right. Once they run out of lawbreakers to jail, they will come for you. Fight back by becoming a Libertarian, and vote Libertarian.

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Anonymous    3/9/05

This could not be more true!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo to the libertarians!!!!!!!!!

John-Douglas, Nassau

Libertarianism may be okay - but what about anarchy? I think Washington would have approved inasmuch as I have never heard of any Libertarians taking up arms but anarchists sure do. And Washington said (I paraphrase): Liberty can only flourish when nurtured by the blood of patriots and of tyrants (end of paraphrase)

S. W. Wells, Chicago

Anarchy is a great idea.

Benjamin J. Brown, Grants Pass

This quote is applicable to the psycho-subliminal criminals of Grants Pass, Oregon who operate in secret with depraved impunity in it's relentless pursuit of the destruction of the Human Soul, in the name of "science" and refuse to acquiese to the bounds and and authority of basic Human Rights.

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T.J.V    12/22/05

Anarcho Capitalism is the the way to go.

brandon, cincinnati

capitalism=the opposite of anarchy. capitalism breeds hierarchy and therefore "anarchocapitalism" is an oxymoron.

Mike, Norwalk

Im not quite sure how to rate this with stars. Traditional anarchy, being the absence of all political government; by extension, it signifies confusion in government does not quite fit the here narrow application. Though, anyone who doesn't need a cop to tell him what to do, may be an anarchist. The original representative republic, established at natural law (the representing servant can do nothing the individual sovereign can not do, i.e. tell another what to do) does not allow a cop (a foreign tyranny enforcement officer) to tell him what to do. There are forms of organizations (government for lack of a better term) other than anarchy that do not let cops tell them what to do.

Cops and police are a fairly new phenomenon to a once free people. Prior to the war between the States, police were considered agents of foreign despots, put in place to enforce tyranny. Policing agencies outside the elected sheriff were first introduced by Fabian Socialists in Boston, New York and Philadelphia a decade or so before the war between the States. Such agencies were used as tyrannical enforcement in the south after said war and in the west as the fascists seized greater and greater lands.

Mike, Pleasant Hill

I concur with Mike, real anarchy is basically survival of the fittest apart from the protection of equal protection under the rule of law.
What we have today (government) is not what our founders gave us, it just needs to be restored.

You want a peak at anarchy? Just watch a little of AMCs TV show "The Walking Dead," minis the zombies. People that advocate "ANARCHY" I would wager never lived under it.

Mike, Norwalk

Lysander Spooner called himself a Christian Anarchist. Meaning there are the laws of nature and of nature's God with no one superior to the individual sovereign (each heir to Divinity being equal before the law). The traditional use of the word 'Government' (the inanimate body political that rules over all within its domain by force) does not fit the U.S.'s de jure existence. The individual being sovereign, in this case, could loosely be referenced as anarchy (anarchists united in having servants represent individual inalienable rights - the servants being below, not above i.e. government).

Walter Clark, Fullerton

Hey Mike....
Watch me improve the shit out of this aphorism....
Everyone thinks they dont need a cop to tell them what to do. But only an anarchists thinks that no one else does either. <--Walter Clark

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Walter Clark, Fullerton 4/15/20

Walter, okay β€” I like it ;-)

jim k, austin tx

Benjamin, enlighten me about Grants Pass.

Ron w13, Or

Mike, I agree whole heartedly. But it seems to go in one ear and out the other with some. Capitalizing through stolen rights as a shield, Rights to property and wages, stolen long ago. We should not have to compromise our integrity. Some times less is more, epicurean. Some times the poor sleep better than the wealthy. But it does take faith in God to supply your need. The one eyed Cyclops has the world by the &^%$. How many times must the Mothers and Fathers build a home and farm to raise and leave their children, for a lively hood ?
Grants Pass has been a hot bed of anarchy for a long time. Many little hitlers. But they don't have the corner on that one. There are bandits in the hills. Our gov new very well that this demise would come about, when the banks broke the back through over inflating of prices. Capitalism is a great tool of Socialism when used improperly. It is bringing about the fall of our Republic.

Mike, Norwalk

(-; Walter Clark, I like it, a lot, YEP ;-)

E Archer, NYC

I like it a lot!


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