Ayn RandAyn Rand, [Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum] (1905-1982) Russian-American novelist, philosopher, playwright, and screenwriter

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“Inflation is not caused by the actions of private citizens, but by the government: by an artificial expansion of the money supply required to support deficit spending. No private embezzlers or bank robbers in history have ever plundered people’s savings on a scale comparable to the plunder perpetrated by the fiscal policies of statist governments.”

Ayn RandAyn Rand
~ Ayn Rand

Who Will Protect Us From Our Protectors?, The Objectivist Newsletter, May 1952.

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Dr. Tom LaMar, Keeseville, NY

It's a wonder that Greenspan was a "friend" at all with such a statement ! They must have just "partied" together I guess.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Unlike government, when a thief robs you, he doesn't try to convince you that it's done for your own good.

wayne, naples

Increasing "minimum wage" from time to time over the years is part of this plundering of peoples savings. Minimum wage sounds good to some, but it cost very much for almost all.

Mike, Norwalk

Volumes could and should be written here on the subject to show the depth of the quote's accuracy.

cal, lewisville, tx

I remember in economics class how the government wants to keep a little inflation going each year. I didn't understand it then and I still don't understand it.

E Archer, NYC

Since the Federal Reserve's inception, the value of the currency has dropped 95% of its value -- and what do we have to show for it? A massive unpayable national debt, most citizens owing more than they have saved, a runaway Congress with an unlimited credit line, no checks and balances, and a fascist government supported by both sides of the aisle. It has been the tool to take over the United States from within -- and hardly one man in one million understands how it works.

Mark Edwards, Greater Orlando

The tools of the enemy are capitalism, communism, and terrorism along with a subservient media. Common sense, blood allegiance and the removal of the cancer, not wasting time criticizng the symptoms is the answer.

Mark Edwards, Greater Orlando

Ditto, Mr. archer's comments above.

Mike, Norwalk

Mark from Orlando, where have you seen or heard a laisse faire investment of capital (non-debt instruments) in a free market? Not in any nation that would claim a relationship to the UN. If you use the new fascist (corporatism) re-definition of capitalism, I understand your comment.


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