Barry GoldwaterBarry Goldwater, (1909-1998) US Senator (R-Arizona)

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“The time has come to recognize the United Nations for the anti-American, anti-freedom organization that it has become. The time has come for us to cut off all financial help, withdraw as a member, and ask the United Nations to find headquarters location outside the United States that is more in keeping with the philosophy of the majority of voting members, someplace like Moscow or Peking.”

Barry GoldwaterBarry Goldwater
~ Barry Goldwater

Congressional Record, October 26, 1971

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ken, chicago

Messages like that, never get repeated by the controlled press.

Joe, Springfield, MO
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Joe, Springfield, MO ken, chicago 6/24/20

As Barry got older, wiser, and more mellow, the press didn't want to embarrass him by dredging up his extremist political legacy.  Maybe it would have been better if they had done that more often.

1776 Again, Bradenton

Goldwater is the ONLY presidential candidate that I ever endorsed completely, as opposed to voting for one of the CFR candidates we were presented with from each party. I am now 74 years old, and I see this commie that is now calling himself president is put here to finalize the conversion of America to the UN world order, through the financial crisis The FEDERAL RESERVE created. God help us !

J. B. Wulff, Bristol, CT

Goldwater was the best of the best! He had a keen mind, a sense of humor, and unshakeable beliefs! Do you know anyone like that? Let me rephrase that. Do you know anyone like that who is in their right mind? Sorry, I couldn't resist. Search out the Goldwater visits to Carson's Tonight Show.

J Carlton, Calgary

And now the UN wants Global gun registration which is endorsed (naturally) by Slithery Clinton and the Kenyan. Hitler would be so proud.

j, Austin, Tx

It was real shame that we got LBJ, a crook of major proportions, when we could have had Goldwater for president.

E Archer, NYC

It was because of this stance that Goldwater lost support for his candidacy. Once he turned on the globalists, it was over.

Jan, Phoenix, AZ

Saturday, 4/12/14. Does anyone know the date of this Barry Goldwater quote about the United Nations. Was it said in a speech? Where and when. Thank you.

Brenda, Kalamazoo, MI

I wish we had Barry Goldwater today!!!!!


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