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“Somebody recently figured out that we have 35 million laws to enforce the ten commandments.”

~ Bert Masterson

Attributed to both Bert Masterson and Earl Wilson

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Elaine, USA

If that were true there wouldn't be so many communists in the USA.

Kimo, USA
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Kimo, USA    8/1/11

AAAAAA.HHHHH..when men were men and sheep were sheep

jim k, Austin, Tx

Elaine, USA, please explain your comment, it makes no sense.

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Mary-MI    8/1/11

Jim K - Elaine USA's comment is just what you can expect from the Progressive Libtards. It's called "Newspeak!" Cognitive thinking is an anomaly in their world.

J Carlton, Calgary

More laws...more control...simple!

E Archer, NYC

And our Congress critters keep inventing new 'crimes' for which to create new bureaucracies. You don't have to make drugs illegal, for example, because a drug user might commit a crime -- that is just dumb and obviously serves another purpose to expand the size and scope of government and protect the drug monopolies' huge profits. The ancient latin term 'mens rea' defines a crime as an act committed with bad intent -- the intent is what makes it a 'crime' or not And there are really only two primary expressions of crime from which all others are subsets: theft and assault. When the 'law' is written to legitimize theft and assault, then the republic becomes corrupted into an oligarchy, which is what the US has become today. We don't need more laws, we need more independence, accountability, and mutual respect.

Mike, Norwalk

(-; great sentiment, great observation; way too accurate ;-)

Wayne, Naples

The first two comments make no sense to me.

Byron, Fort Collins

Yet, there's one law missing. Being an asshole ought to be a capital crime. If it were, that would permanently solve problems of overpopulation


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