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“Suppose they gave a war, and nobody came? Why then, the war would come to you!”

~ Bertolt Brecht

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Mike, Norwalk

In too many cases, too sad, and too true

Jack, Green, OH

How could a war come to anybody if the premise that nobody came were true? There would be nobody to come or the proposition doesn't hold. .

E Archer, NYC


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EGL, LA    1/11/07

Look at the current situation to see the truth in this. Want war, need war?--makes no difference, it will come to you and be brought to you by the supposed leaders that you elected who are supposed to act to carry out your wishes.

Frederick III, Centreville, VA

Indeed... How curious the 'anti-war' leftie spoiled little children never finish the quote. All who are surprised by this, raise their Reich hand and say, Sieg! Yet they are defended to the death by their betters - young adults who assume adult responsibilities and real moral leadership. Not all war is right - many are wrong. But the attitude of 'hey - just don't show up?!' is childish and irresponsible, and possible only if protected 'by their betters', as Sam Adams would say.

Phillep Harding, Naha

It means that what you want does not matter, other people are going to do what they want and you better be ready to stand up for yourself. It sounds better with the rest. Only a college sophomore accepts the validity of an argument that begins "If only everyone would..." because only a college sophomore is dumb enough to think everyone would!


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