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“Blessings of the state, blessings of the masses. ... Work hard, increase production, prevent accidents, and be happy.”

~ Big Brother

George Lucas's movie, THX 1138

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Anonymous    8/11/05

its a nice quote but for someone like me its hard to understand especially if your just looking for a quote to put on a card for your brothers birthday!

Steve hambling, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Great movie. Does anyone know what meaning, if any,the actual letters and numbers THX 1138 have to George Lucas?

Robert, Sarasota

You may laugh but this is closer than you think - presently our freedom is being eroded in name of freedom, and we are doing nothing about it. We talk of fascism as if it's another world without realizing how close we are to the very thing we despise. We have a government that can disregard any legislation simply by writing into the bill that the President has the right make changes to any order.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Do I hear "For the greater good?" Nobody does anything unless they get something from it OR it is coerced or compelled from them.

Mike, Norwalk

Government can not bless the masses (society). In a Republic as is the U.S., government is the servant to the sovereign masters (Caesars); government is not 'We The Peoples' tyrant god. Liberty is a byproduct blessing of being free.

E Archer, NYC

You've got to hear it to really appreciate it. (Click here for audio.)

Ken, Allyn, WA

I thought I was reading a slogan from work for a minute. A few years ago, my employer came out with the slogan, "Stop work is good progress." I think this one is much more catchy.

David L. Rosenthal

We can all change jobs, change careers, study and publish whatever we like, move to wherever we choose, protest, organize PACs, run for office, engage in civil disobedience, or even organize to overthrow tyranny. But mostly we complain and forget .how much worse it is for most of humanity.

Sumayiah, U.A.E


Steve, Denver

THX-138 was, I believe, the license plate that adorned Lucas' first car, a roadster he nearly died in when he crashed it as a youth. The license tag on the roadster driven by Harrison Ford in Lucas' great film, "American Graffiti," bears this same letter-number combination.

aaaaaa, aaaaa

very common...stupid

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Jim    2/16/09
Waffler, Smith

When we hear this from our mothers and fathers we accept it dutifully. Garrison Keillor usually signs off with something like this "be good, do good work, be happy". Why should not the state or the military commander or the plant superintendent wish folk the same thing.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Waffler, Smith 11/18/22

Waffler, contrary to your primary religious ideology - the abiding or worshiping tenets of socialism, Moloch or a carnal god dogma does not bring about blessings of the state or masses and in no way equates to happiness. 

J Carlton, Calgary

Work hard, increase production, prevent accidents, and be happy." good little ants.

Waffler, Smith

J Carlton might prefer "be lazy, slacken your production, be and underachiver, cause accidents, and be happy" a good little monkey. What negativism you espouse Carlton. Have you ever gone to a High School or College commencement when the students are encouraged to take on the world. I guess you would have the speaker tell the students to drop out, turn on etcetera. And to refer to your fellow humans as ants is oh so sordid and sad.

Mike, Chi Town

Lol, Should say "Hardly Work, increase Inflation, perpetuate accidents, and still have the ignorance to proclaim your Free!. Its a sad day in American history when Rwanda is more of a legitimate Democracy then our system. Our founding fathers would be disgusted in our ignorance. George Washington said NEVER TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT! Seriously, I don't understand how people refuse to see how it is just a Bipartisan pissing contest . If you vote republican OR democrat, your a fucking idiot, I cannot comprehend your stupidity and arrogance. AND I SOLELY BLAME PEOPLE LIKE YOU FOR THE STATE OF AFFAIRS.If you cannot see the double edged blade on EVERY SINGLE bill passed in just about the last 50 years, I dont think you should have the right to vote, because you are obviously to stupid to make an informed decision based on anything other than looks and promises.. Both parties work to better the 1% and steal from the lower classes. EVERY SINGLE BILL will take rights away from citizens under the guise of protection from terror, or giving tax cuts to business owners because they take the "risk." and it betters our economy. Seriously, everytime its an election year I just dont get it, the same snakes in suits making the same promises that FUCKED you over last year, and your going to vote for him again? Why? Because thats your "party"? Fuck that. People will argue with democrats because the are republican and vise versa.... why? WE the PEOPLE. not US the democrats or US the republicans. Fuck the petty shit. WTF is a politician anyway? Some piece of shit thats never made an honest dollar or thats never busted their ass in a factory or warehouse in their life? Some heartless former CEO or dirty lawyers with no concious? People who are born into Millions (Billions sometimes) of dollars and never had a real problem in their life? The president was supposed to be a citizen. A normal everyday working man. A real fucking man that would pull his own conceal carry to shoot a Tyrant trying to bribe him and not think twice on it. The presidents views should NOT represent only 1 FUCKING percent of our countries population. If we keep going at this rate in 10 years there will be no middle class. We will have essentially reverted back to the caste system. SO DUMBASSES WAKE THE FUCK UP

J Carlton, Calgary

No Waffler...I lead a moral, productive and generally happy life. In fact I'm much more productive and much more happy when your precious government LEAVES ME THE HELL ALONE! Now...back to goose stepping around in your basement Kamrade. :)

Anon, Land of the Ignorant, Home of the Enslaved

The saying " You can't have justice on stolen land" comes to mind. I just feel like America has had a scummy history laced with false hopes of human rights and civil liberties, nationalism/patriotism and equality from the start. The MAJORITY of our founding fathers may very well have had the well-being of 'the people' in mind while writing up the constitution. But even if there was just one insightful Tyrant present at the discussions and signings of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, could have had enough forethought and influence to pass bills that seem like they have the 'people's' best interest at heart, when in reality, the interests are all their own.

Anon, J.PRockerchild City

You have to give it to them though... Big Brother has done a damn good job at making us fat, lazy, and narrow minded theists. Aswell as pitting the population against eachother so they can pass laws that really ONLY benifit them. How can you have a MONETARY DEBT/CREDIT based system operating in a democracy? Its designed to fail. If you cant see that, you are helpless.... please further the intellegence of America and go shoot youself. In the fucking head... please. When all money comes from 1 place with a debt attached to it, that debt can obviously NEVER EVER be paid off. No matter what peroid. Look in your wallet, its not wealth in there, it is the udder definition of what is without worth. I wouldjnt wiipe my ass with it. You are so broke the paper your money is printed on is worth more than the dollar value becase every single dollar printed is a debt for the investor and wealth for the lender. So continue on America. Just hand over what little freedom you apparently had left. You dont deserive it. You are FAR TO O.K WITH BEING ENSLAVED. Your child will be born into this world and they will never ever be able to OWN a home, or any REAL wealth for that matter.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

A subtly less sinister rendering of:

"Arbeit macht frei."

Robert, Somewhere in the US

and put your head back in the sand....

Friar Tuck, Nottingham

Mike -don't sugar coat your feelings ,... tell us what you really think


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