Bill ClintonBill Clinton, [William Jefferson Blythe III] (1946- ), 42nd US President

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“African-Americans watch the same news at night that ordinary Americans do.”

Bill ClintonBill Clinton
~ Bill Clinton

on Black Entertainment Television, November 2, 1994

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Maggie, Hamburg

Wow, this is almost unbelievable. Did he really say that - and as late as 1994? I'd like to know what sort of Americans he considered/s (?) African-Americans to be... Maybe 'in-ordinary' Americans?

Mike, Norwalk

Though Clinton was open about his disdain for individual liberty / sovereignty, I would have to see the above quote in context before I could rate it.

Mike, Mount Holly, NC

Wow dude ... that is profound.

George, NYC

Obviously not picked up by editorial pages of NYT or the MSM.

Chris, Arlington, Tx

i very seriously doubt that was from a pre-written speech... and public speaking isn't very easy to wing.

E Archer, NYC

Clinton is/was the biggest phoney-baloney I have witnessed in my lifetime.

Joe, Rochester, MI

I just don't understand how he was elected president the first time, let alone the second. Public speaking, as with this quote, demonstrate he looks down on ordinary Americans. He also said "We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans..." That's you and me! He, on the other hand, is "special" and his rights are still preserved. Look at how he surrounds himself with armed guards, yet doesn't want "ordinary Americans" to own the means to defend themselves.

Jack, Green, OH

I would say the same thing with different words. To begin with, I hate the term African-American, as most blacks have never been to Africa. let alone come from there. Also, what do you call white Africans from, say, Rodesia or S. Africa? But, more than that, it is an insult to blacks to refer to non-blacks as "ordinary Amweicans" It would have been more appropriate to have said "other Americans". As an admirer of Clinton, I can't believe he phrased a good thought in those terms.

David L Rosenthal

Does this mean that in the daytime they watch a different news than ordinary Americans, watching the same news as the rest only at night?

Robert, Sarasota

That's more like a Bush statement - I can't believe Clinton said it - I agree with Mike. At least having sex with a consenting female (and not a boy) he didn't kill 3000 of our armed forces and wounded over 30,000 and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Our nation is presently corrupt and totally without a foreign policy that works. The actions of the Bush administration have created more terrorists we are providing them with the very tools for recruitment - I wish for the days of Clinton - OK he may have said some silly things but looking at above I see we are no different.

David L Rosenthal

Robert: Clinton is connected with more criminal activity and associations than any other president. I am sure your Buddha would not approve, given the principles of right action and right thought or intention. But you go ahead and idolize a criminal, if that brings you peace.

Jack, Green, OH

I'd like to hear David name one criminal activity of Clinton's, just ONE; other than perjury to a question he should never have been asked. Infidelity is not a crime ...only grounds for divorce. The only convicted criminal to be elected president is GWB with at least three DUIs, which are serious crimes. Nixon committed his after being elected, but he had the decency to resign before he was removed, then arranged to have his appointed successor exonerate him. Now compare Clinton's convictions with these men.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Right on Jack! And I concur w/ Mike, no rating until better understanding of the context (as it seems to clearly be out of context).

David L Rosenthal

Waco, and Elian Gonzalez, and Whitewater, and delivering top secrets to China, and read through the following sites:
You're welcome.

Jack, Green, OH

Waco, Elian, and Whitewater were not crimes, David. Elian's family were the only criminals and should have been arrested for kidnapping, keeping a child against his father's wishes who came to retrieve him as they challenged him to do.. The seige of Waco was not criminal but was simply AG Reno employing the FBI in putting down a vicious cult. Regretably, it ended in disaster but that's no crime. And Whitewater was a joke. After spending three years and millions of dollars in Little Rock trying to find something against Clinton - including the failed savings and loan there - he reluctantly gave up, so he settled on Monica (not a crime either) So give me a crime. Merthinks you have a grudge and are grasping for straws if those are the best you can come up with. By the way, you forgot Ruby Ridge, another case like Waco.

David L Rosenthal

Sorry, Jack, but I can say without any sentiment that on the Elian case you are totally ignorant. I do have so much first-hand information about that tragic incident, more than you would believe. I have spent many hours on the scene, on many different days, before and after that CRIME committed on Clinton's orders and under his approval. And I have first-hand contacts with several of the people involved directly in that incident. You just do not have any idea about what you are talking about, since you were spoon fed a little information by the liberal press, which did not report the true facts. You can take that or leave it, but it is a fact. And the multiple crimes committed against Elian and others in that case are beyond question of the heinous type.

Ashlee, Leominster

I think that even though this quote is supposed to be about equality it resembles racism instead. African AMERICANS are ordinary AMERICANS, because in all truth I am a regular French AMERICAN. The United States is made up of immigrants who formed America, and we are all ordinary and we are all AMERICANS!!!!!

a christian republican

thankyou david Rosenthal for standing up to them and telling them the truth. You said it perfect Ashlee.

sonu, Troy, MI


Renee, Edmonds, WA

Jack in Ohio.....the term African-American refers to ancestory, not whether people are from Africa or visitied Africa.

Nisha, Highland Home

I would like to address this comment to anyone who disagrees with Bill Clintons quote. I understand exactly what he is talking about. The world has so much to say about other races but the white race. According to society, the white race is Americans. Every other race is identified as African Americans, French Americans, Latin Americans, etc. No one else is considered just Americans. Now the two main races that America has focused on in history was whites and blacks. Since most of America looks at blacks as just people who are here, he is basically saying "They are Americans, too." To be exact if anyone was to think outside of the box, you would know that he wasn't only directing that towards the blacks but also any other culture/race that is not considered as just Americans. Bill Clinton sees that if you are a resident of The United States, you are just as much an American as the next race sitting beside you. It is just so that since he is not racist, people always ask him questions about the black race.

Anonymous, Atlanta

What exactly is an ordinary American??????


What a shit thing to say

Matt, Naples, FL

This is the first time in 15 years that I've seen this quote, although I remember hearing it at the time. If a Republican said anything like this, I would have heard it attributed to them dozens of times since then. Not so with a left wing speaker.


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