Bob Thaves Quote

“The Senate being tied is a start. Now, if only it could be gagged.”

~ Bob Thaves

comic strip "Frank & Ernest"

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Mike, Norwalk

;-) that would be a start

warren, olathe

We need them to be as open and honest as possible. Then maybe the voters would wise up and get good ones. Mandatory truth serum maybe an idea.

E Archer, NYC

I like the mandatory drugging of politicians idea, warren. ;-)

Paula, Grand Rapids, MI


Ken, Allyn, WA

Tied, gagged, and hanged: now there's the trifecta.

Dana, Lincoln

I agree, Warren. Or at the very least people who cared when they lie. But we have all determined "it's just politics" and don't put any weight on the stories when they occasionally do come out.


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