Carl Gustav JungCarl Gustav Jung, (1875-1961) Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology

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“Whenever justice is uncertain and police spying and terror are at work, human beings fall into isolation, which, of course, is the aim and purpose of the dictator state, since it is based on the greatest possible accumulation of depotentiated social units.”

Carl Gustav JungCarl Gustav Jung
~ Carl Gustav Jung

The Undiscovered Self, 1957

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David L Rosenthal

I feel so depotentiated.

Mike, Norwalk

David, I like it, I resemble that remark.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

... for the "depotentiated" if nothing else!

E Archer, NYC

Common knowlege among those that study and practice mass psychology.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Reston, what government agency do you work for?

David L Rosenthal

Well, at least I'm not French. ;-)

Mike, Norwalk

David, I'm still smiling about the french fries and the pen, it is so apropos here; the dictator state eats mass quantaties of fries and they need many more pens.

David L Rosenthal

Did you know that French Fries were invented in Belgium? Another example of French banditry.

Mike, Norwalk

Amerika's occupying statist theocracy, being an infesting dictator state (no longer a representative republic of, by or for We The People) is replete with injustice and policing agencies that spy and commit terror on the once free. Amerikas dictator state, has as the quote states, achieved or brought about a mass of individuals that sense no wielding force, authority, power or influence. The once home of the brave and land of the free has been turned into the home of the slave and land of the fee - full of emasculated men and son of dog women.

cal, Lewisville, tx

That's excellent Mike.

Luis, Panamá

A wonderful concept against today espionage by the US government to privacy of the citizens of the world without any discrimination.

J Carlton, Calgary

Seems to help explain the Government / Media (same thing) sponsored attacks on all things Christian, Patriotic American, Constitutional, Privacy Oriented, Bill of Rights, Education .....


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