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“If you look at Washington, you see permanently camped on the banks of the Potomac spread around in concentric circles an army representing thousands of selfish interests. The sole purpose of their presence is to plunder, by hook or crook, the public treasury for the benefit of their particular people or corporations.”

~ Charley Reese

The “Me” Method Of Government., Conservative Chronicle, P. 17, July 31, 1996

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cal, lewisville, tx

I wish we could keep our money at the state level. Bad enough having one governing body plunder us. We don't need two doing it.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

And worse among them are the representatives and members of the radical right...

Kimo, Hawaiian nations

Reston, what makes you so sure its not both parties? And its all set up already, and has been for several decades. One thing i think we all agree on, get rid of all of them, and begin again, under the rule of law of the constitution. But as a nation, our heads are in a noose, our hands are tied.When one has fought against injustice for over 20 years, as i have, one begins to see the folly of it all. The system is set up now to enslave all. How we change this is beyond me, and most give up the battle within a year, or less. Some of us just keep on fighting.None the less, right is right , wrong is wrong. I see both sides playing against the middle, and we the people, in the end, suffer for it. The rules have been in place for a long time, work, pay your taxes, or be incarcerated, that is what that comes down to. Then, when you get old like me, and played by those rules all your life, a new group comes in, forgets my generation, and thinks they can change what isn't broken. The problem is vast, beyond any one mans ability to fix, and that, is scary as hell.

jim k, Austin,Tx

Reston, your comment was inane to give you the benefit of the doubt. It's liberals in both parties that have spent us way past bankruptcy. The quote is exactly right and you are exactly wrong.

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Robken    6/14/11

Until this is stopped by the people we will continue to slide into oblivion as the chariots race towards the abyss.

L.P., Kirkland, WA

I agree with Jim K. It IS the Liberals of BOTH parties, however, the Obama Regime has definitely won the prize for spending the United States of America into oblivion, as no other president in history, to my knowledge, even comes close. The below quote pretty much says it all about Obama. "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity" (Martin Luther King, Jr.) L.P.

E Archer, NYC

Give it a rest, Reston. Who do you think put Obama in office? Well, for starters, Goldman Sachs, and look who got the best 'bail-out' package -- of course the next biggest supporters were the unions, federal and private -- look what they got in the hundreds of billions! Obama received most of the support of transnational corporations, and he is beholden to them, thus we are being plagued with yet more big-government solutions that funnel trillions into these corporate monopolies. That ain't the right, that is the progressive liberals -- 'progressively' tightening the noose on the people and bolstering corporate control of the government.

Karl Meagher, Hartland, VT

People get the government that they deserve. If the average guy on the street is only looking out for his own interests and doesn't mind lying to get what he wants, a) he is not going to think it unusual for his representatives to do the same, and b) if he thinks someone will lie and be selfish on his behalf, he will support him.

jim k, Austin

True today more than ever.

Mike, Norwalk

The "A" from Reston, can you detail which wrongs of the radical right are worse than most anything the progressive left does? Why is fascism so much worse than communism?

Kimo, I feel your pain. I worked for years with Hawaiian Royalty, on the several Islands, to bring to light the illegality of the foreign occupation. On a similar note, I've worked with the Tlingit of Alaska to show the illegal occupation there.

The occupying statist theocracy infesting this land exponentially spreads its demonic plunder and enslavement from the banks of the Potomac. The here focused plunder is but one topic in a range of thousands that spreads from the banks of the Potomac.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Mike, Norwalk 5/15/19

Fascism is to the Right of Communism but both are to the Left of Liberalism upon which the USA was founded.  The Left has co-opted the word liberal but it is anything but.  The Bill of Rights is the defense of Liberalism and prohibits the government from implementing the supremacy of the State over the individual.  The Left is authoritarian claiming to be liberal  nothing but wolves in sheep's clothing.  The Left wages war against the Free perpetually.


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