Colorado Supreme Court Quote

“The 1st Amendment embraces the individual's right to purchase and read whatever books she wishes to, without fear the government will take steps to discover which books she buys, reads, and intends to read.”

~ Colorado Supreme Court

in a unanimous decision for Tattered Cover

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J Carlton, Calgary

This case was in 2000. And with the internet already in existence one would think that any bill to monitor our internet history would be dead on arrival. But it isn't. In fact we are being spied on every day by 73 "Fusion Centers" in the US that operate with no government oversight. So who's in charge of an agency that can have you put on a no fly list? 5 stars to the Colorado Supreme Court.

Mann, Kalamazoo

The 1st Amendment indeed lends cover to the individual in this regard. However, the unfortunately too-real reality is that legislatures, our highest courts and other individuals invariably don't.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Those Washington Nannies are very busy these days" protecting" us from us." What with light bulbs, toilets, transfats,electric cars,smoking, drug wars, and a thousand other things that bother them, they must not get much sleep at night.

J Carlton, Calgary

Gee Jim, sounds like you're describing Nazi's....couldn't be the compassionate, passive left! LOL

E Archer, NYC

Government agents are demanding customer lists from all sorts of producers -- where have we given these guys the authorization to do that?!

Mike, Norwalk

Where the "Decision" uses the PC "she" instead of the legally accepted male expression of the specie, is there an alternative understanding that is not obvious on the face of the published finding? Corporations, LLCs, and other legal entities are extensions of the State (local, State, Federal, etc.), a long with most ecclesiastical seminaries (K through graduate degrees government schools) regularly violate the here subject decision.


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