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“[S]ince 1933 those in control of the Government, realizing that the power to tax is the power to destroy, have appeared before the Committee on Ways and Means with the proposal to tax firearms. While they narrowed it down to machine guns on the ground that it would prevent bandits from using firearms of a certain size, yet the thought was there of getting control of the private firearms of this country. I know that our chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and others on that committee were on the alert, sensed the danger, and accordingly went no further than partial taxation and regulation, but I think every member of the committee saw the purpose and the motive of the proposed tax.”

~ Daniel A. Reed

87 Congressional Record 7103 (1941).

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J Carlton, Calgary

I think Congressman Reed has accurately pointed to the real motives behind any and all regulations and about gun control...."control"

Mike, Norwalk

By way of observation, isn't it funny (not ha ha) that in time of greatest peril, the progressives have historically tried their hardest to eliminate that which had/has the greatest potential of temporal protection against tyranny. hmmm

Ronw13, Yachats OR

Goes without Question of " Their " intent ! Oppressed by designing children, ruled by some women. Some things never change for the spoiled ! As every woman knows of their neighbor's child, to their disposition !


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