David RockefellerDavid Rockefeller, (1915-2017) Internationalist billionaire, CFR kingpin, founder of the Trilateralist Commission, World Order Godfather

False David Rockefeller Quote

“This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long. We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

David RockefellerDavid Rockefeller
~ David Rockefeller

Attributed. The first sentence is from a speech to the United Nations Business Council on September 23, 1994. The last two sentences were not spoken at that time.

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V., Anytown, USA

This is the truth -- like it or not.

Mike, Norwalk

Peace, order, rule of law, security, freedom, liberty, individual rights, morality, etc., etc., etc., are all antithetical to such New World Order which is major crisis in perpetuity.

Jack, Green, OH

Like it or not, the world is getting smaller as nations become more interdependent. Extreme nationalism is what stands in the way of world peace. It is not unlike our own founding of a federation of sovereign states to form one nation, or the European Union replacing the individual countries of Europe. Who can say both America and Europe are not better off as unions than independent states? We have to think bigger, as our forefathers did when they conceived the novel idea of one nation in place of separate proud states,

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC    3/2/07

Jack, your argument would be sound if the real intentions were so noble. The fact is, the centralization of world power into a few hands is done covertly, without consent of the people, in order to enslave all into a perpetual war machine forever. We have been numbered and ear-marked for use in the power-mongers' dreams. Fascism is NOT in the best interests of people anywhere -- and they are marching us steadily in that direction. Get a back bone and stand up for your rights -- when our minds get twisted enough, we will forget that we call the shots and soon follow the orders of the King/State/Pope because they say so. People are generally dumb animals capable of believing anything they are taught from birth. I invite you to expand your mind beyond the false reality they are trying to create for us -- a sort of perpetual Disneyland/Coliseum for appeasing the blood lust of the masses.

Joe, Rochester, MI

New World Order = unAmerican.

Jack, Green, OH

Was it any less difficult for our originial colonies, competitive as they were, to form the United States, or the rival European countries to think bigger than their individual boundaries to form a European Union? Excess nationalism is what causes wars. It takes some people a long time to understand that and many never do. The world does not end at the shores of America. It's one thing to be patriotic, but not with a to-hell-with-everyone-else attitude. Many of those earlier people thought they were selling out too

Joseph Green, Harrisburg Pa
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Joseph Green, Harrisburg Pa Jack, Green, OH 12/1/20

No Jack, extreme nationalism does not cause wars and never has.  Wars are caused by either greed for natural resources and or territory, or to fight off tyranny.  It is interesting that you used the founding fathers as an example yet your argument contradicting your statement. What you are describing is extreme colonization, not "extreme nationalism".  And if you think for one moment that a centralized government controlled by a hand full of people will lead to world peace, you are being very naive. As we all know, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Mike, Norwalk

The US was based on principles expressed through absolute law as was historically self evident (establishing the individual as sovereign, being averse to a democracy or totalitarian world state) Jack, your opinion is an empty diversion of the tangible historical facts. The New World Order is based on the vacuous intellect of carnal man with rules that lead to a cast system and misery. The Colonies United designed a government of law (a new and difficult task) while the New World Order is a government of men. Excess nationalism, in and of itself, has never caused a war. Wars are caused by leaders that excite a certain populace to an expectation of a greater existence by destroying the foe that is denying such utopia (from the Christian crusades to the Atheist's pursuit of communism). The European Union is not having the wonderful effect it was touted to have. The New World Order is a totalitarian few having no regard for individual worth or nobility.

Joe, Metropolis, IL

The hard work of Washington, et al, is being undone. We can kiss freedom goodby.

JT Ready, Mesa, Az

Jack misses the mark again. The bigger ideal which America's forefathers sought was more individual freedom. Not less of it by giving up sovereignty to a bigger government.

marxbites, Palm Bch Co

There is absolutely nothing Americans can't do for themselves faster, cheaper and better than any govt but for the minimalist one our's was intended to be. Rockefeller is but one of the octopus arms of the 200+yr old Rothschild family's familys of global governmental and business interests. 1st & 2nd Banks US, WW's, Federal Reserve, League of Nations, UN, IMF, WB, BIS, All Govts via Central Banks, Diamonds, Metals, Politicians, CFR, TriLat, BB's, Communications, Transportation, Energy, Agriculture, you name it, they own enough to steer it They are the creators, peddlers, and controllers of all the above and much more. Save one, America's assassinated presidents opposed them. Jackson's veto of the 2nd Bank. JFK's silver certificate issue in competiton against the FRN. Lincoln's refusal to borrow from them @ 24-36%, instead issuing his own "greenbacks" in defiance. America didn't have privately owned, for profit central banks, but for two periods between powerful govt proponent and banking ally, Hamilton, and Jackson's vetoing the 2ndBUS's recharter. Not until 1913, and just in time to finance the WW's, was the next, for profit, privately owned, politically populated, Federal Reserve Bank created, which is none of any of the three words in it's name implies. These are the guys behind the NWO, which is just the current buzzword for the global financial, ergo total, domination of the world by saddling every country with perpertually growing unpayable debts guaranteed to eventually implode. Nation's tax revenues barely cover the interest expense and the annual budgets pile more on. The Fedl Reserve costs American's $2.20 in debt including interest to a private corp, for every dollar the Govt borrows from it. It is the conduit that generations of American wealth and it's opportunity costs have been siphoned off with. It is what monopolies have always been, entities that derive politcal economic benefit at the expense of everyone else. Govt sanctioned cartels designed precisely as protection from having to compete in a level market. Identical to gangster neighborhood extortion.

marxbites, PBCo FL

Jack is an uneducated ass. Has he read any of the 300+ quotes of would be tyrannts, or those of their whistle blowers here? Dumbed, numbed and succumbed you are Jack. (probably a CFR shill, the bastards)

Paul, LA,CA

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Tom Lafayette, Middletown

This comment shows how sick of a man David Rockefeller is. He and all his chronies. Seriously, why the hell would the world "need" a major crisis? The world needs guys like this psycho removed from the political spectrum altogether. They are poison to the world as we know it.

Joe, Metropolis, IL

E. Archer has it right. The people have been dumbed down by the "education system" and the press until we no longer know what freedom is.

Rod, Chicago

Can someone prove this quote is true ? I dont' think so. Please give me a scan of a valuable source.

L. Graham, West Palm Beach, FL

After having a brainstorm about this financial crisis, I don't know why but I typed in my search engine "David Rockefeller is behind this financial crisis". And lo, and behold, I hit the jackpot with this site. How long is this guy going to live? He must have access to medical treatment we peons will never see. Ever see the movie the "Captains and the Kings"? Well they are still running the world.

Jerry, Gardendale,Al.

Our political leaders, for the most part, are all in on the scheme to bring America into the New World Order. The ones who are not in on it, are being bought. I was informed back in the 1960's by F.B.I. agent Dan Smoot, that the illuminati's goal was to bring the U.S. into the World Order by bringing about a socialist state first. They are right on schedule.

concerned citizen, somewhere, texas

Take some action guys, find someone in a position to make a difference and support them. You can't just sit there and make these posts, there null in affect. What do you think about Ron Paul? The argument that Jack of Green, OH puts forward is remiss in the fact that free citizens voted for representatives that followed their wishes to unit the proudly independent states into one union. Rockdaddy sees civil liberties and voters as a hindrance to NWO.

Mike, boyerville, mt

I like Ron Paul, he seems to have the right perspective on the reality of what is good for American's.

Mr. NAU, A town in UN's ten states

If you think you can stop the Bible from coming true, it would be better if you would just go eat sawdust in some corner for 10 to 15 years.

Anonymous, Chapel Hill

Personally, I think the Builderberg's (which of course include the likes of the Rockefellers and Rothchilds and the "octypus arms" marxbites mentioned) intend to pull off "the right major crisis" (World-wide) referred to by Rockefeller in his quote above...by utilizing HAARP (which those of you in "the know" realize) which could "create" (manipulate) events such as Katrina, the Asia Tsunami, and even the most recent Haiti earthquake. And let's not forget the economic slippery slope we are slidding down. A (created) world-wide series of events such as these - which with the use of HAARP could occur in the course of a single day or week - would create the environment the Builderbergs will use to usher in their NWO. Here, in America, we have become "numb" to the news events that are shouting all around us...not "the British are coming...the British are coming" but "Our Freedoms are leaving...our Freedoms are leaving"...and what will be left in the aftermath of such a world-wide "right major crisis"? Their New World Order and an America who will have lost her sovereignty and freedom!

Frank, Tallahassee, Fl

Is there any SOURCE backing up this quote? There's a date, but that doesn't mean anything. Can anyone prove Rockefeller actually said this?

Greg, Southern California

My only disagreement with what "Mike from Norwalk" wrote is his inclusion of the "Christian crusades" in the list of examples of "war." First, the "Crusades" were first, not "Christian," but Catholic. Second, the Muslims had started them! You never hear of this fact. The Catholics were being MURDERED one town at a time (hard to believe Muslims can do that, huh?) and the Catholics, peacefully, warned them to stop. When the Muslims refused, the Catholics had to mount a physical defensive in order to spare innocent life. The Crusades were self-defense, just the Israel "raid" on the so-called "Freedom Flotillas" were self-defense by Israel--the media twisting of the event notwithstanding. The flotilla was a deliberate Muslim set-up to cause an incident to get media attention. Israel was legally acting within the peace accords of 1994 when it was protecting the Gaza Strip from terrorist weaponry importation.

Rory, Chambersburg

Jack is very short sighted thinking that excess nationalism is what causes wars. Usually, and a brief recounting of recent and distant history will prove this out, it is the lust for power and control and the lust for resources (monitary and otherwise) that cause war. Jack is terribly naive and un-read to think that it is nationalism that throws people into a war posture.

Anonymous, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

Whether we like it or not, America is the global model for all democracy. Should we fall, who will save freedom? Who will fight for the unalienable rights as human beings? Look around the globe friends and tell me, who will pick up this task? This responsibility falls at the feet of every American. We might not like it but, it is each and every one of our jobs and duty to stand up and fight for liberty. When the personal responsibility falls at the feet of every American, what we do with that responsibility defines who we are as a person, an individual and collectively as a nation. -Timothy Irving

king, charlotte

wow george. havent you heard the saying power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely? the only defense to power is another power. with one power there is only one fate, which is up to the same people that have publicly supported eugenices and population control.

Jeremy, Akron

Roy: You seem to have "hit the nail on the head" so to speak. And yes, Ron Paul does seem to be quite informed and intelligent. It seems as if he would make a great candidate for U.S. President.

J Carlton, Calgary

Jack (above) is right about the New World Order being a peaceful notion...after they kill most of us, the world will be very peaceful indeed. Arm yourselves to the teeth, Abolish the Federal Reserve and Restore the Republic.

Kimo, USA
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Kimo, USA    9/23/11

He misjudged us, a fatal mistake.Nope, we wont except it, we can fight it, we can say no. and, WE CAN STAND AS ONE

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Robken    9/23/11

What fools we are - we are the terrorists, warring to perpetuate a world run by the Rockefeller's and his gang of 12. DR is severely sick and needs help and love. His pals are determined to have a NWO even in Europe today they are trying to create a United States of Europe by creating political division and economic fear (if you don't allow the bail-out of Greece and possibly Italy and Spain Europe will have financial crisis which will cause a total social breakdown... fear, fear, fear.. It's an old age practice which all tyrants use. Create the problem, reaction, then come up with a solution. WE ARE SO BLIND - GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT BUBBLE AND START TO SHUT THIS DOWN - We must raise people awareness - we must bring HUMILITY back into our lives....

jim k, Austin, Tx

Thumbs up for Mike and thumbs down for Jack.

B. Austin, Calabasas, Ca.

David Rockefeller is an evil force and he would love for us to give up our constitution and capitalism so he and other aristocratic elites can be tyrannical dicatators. Jack, We need to KEEP our nationalism. Giving it up will make us slaves to the rich. You like that? If so, move to Cuba or Venezuela or China. The progressives and Union Godfathers want to have state capitalism, a form of communism and guess who owns the monopolies, yep, the likes of Rockefeller, Soros and our corrupt government leaders including the Clintons, Kissenger, Soros, Gore and all the U.N. loving boot lickers.

Byron, Fort Collins

Terrifically revealing quotation by one of the ultimate control-freak a-holes of all time. Let's hope German citizens get their way and pull out of the EU. Their hard work is sustaining the entitled sloth of Greece and Italy.

Waffler, Smith

Today's quotes are all true and succinct. It separates those who are able to bravely face the new world that is always before us and those with heads in the sand that think time stands still. Those who worship founding fathers and yet never think for themselves. The founders were great because they were forward looking. Our nation is becoming small minded and obsolete because to many are timid, backward looking and unable to think.

Howard, Bangkok

It's amazing that the enemy of freeom can speak the truth and the sheeple of Ameica do not stand up. Oh, wait a minute, that's what sheeple do.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, to most of your comment, I agree. The New World's Order is a statist theocracy with small minded supporting patrons, unable to think outside of being slaves (like a charismatic cult, watching after their inferiors cradle to grave, just larger in numbers). The founders were great because they were forward looking. They saw a land of law, as is averse to a government of men; they desired freedom and liberty which was unique in all the world and diametrically opposed to the New World Order's tyranny, despotism, and slavery. The once land of the free and home of the brave has not so much become obsolete (freedom and liberty are inalienable and can never become obsolete), as it was simply replaced by the timid, backward looking, non-substantive socialist religionists (liberals, progressives, communists, neocons, fascists, as Howard above said - sheeple, etc.)

GunnyCee, Durham

Archer . . . as always your remarks are pithy and informative. You have described the real motives of the New-World-Order fascists. OWO was the dream of Hitler. If he could have united all of Europe, he believed that the Americas would sue for peace and join his plan for "world peace." Archer is correct when he says that those in power today are doing their very best to create a "false reality." Once accomplished, they can continue in their quest for total power over the American people and then the world. I see in the posts here that there are many Americans who have bought into the Fascist bullcrap; and believe that world peace "Whirlled Peas" can happen if only everyone would walk in lock-step to a world leader. How pathetic.

GunnyCee, Durham

To Jack Green... you're opinion is about as backasswards as any I've ever read. This country was founded on a couple of principles that you folks seem to either don't know about, or just wish to ignore. One is personal freedom, the other is a belief in a higher power than man. We based our government on laws, not on feelings or whatever is the popular thought of the day. As long as we followed these concepts, we prospered and became the most powerful country on the face of the earth. It is the liberal screwballs who are trying their best to bring this country down to the level of European decadency.

GunnyCee, Durham

When will you weak, lilly-livered liberals get a spine? Do you really think that the corporate world is working toward your eventual slavery? Think about it. It's a mutual beneficial situation. Corporations need workers: workers need jobs. If Americans feel they are being screwed by their employers, they simply quit and go to another job. In Europe, you quit, you are black-balled. You must bend to the rules of the corporations which are mostly privately owned but government run. Liberals are among the most ignorant people in the world and they are easliy persuaded to do evil in the name of the "common good." Individual freedoms: individual responsibility. It is what made our country great (nothing patriotic about it, just simple fact). It is what will make our country great again. It is liberalism that has brought us down to the sorry state we are in today,

Winsmith, Anytown

The New World Odor is a Masonic Odor and Ron Paul is a Mason that LIES. Repeatedly he says government "spends money." HOW can they get money from us when the Fed said bank deposits "are merely book entries." WHY would they spend money when all of us slaves will risk our lives for more book entries? Merril Jenkins, Monetary Realis, wrote t books, the last was "Money", The Greatest Hoax On Earth. His last 6 books are FREE at www.morpix.biz/x15 ignore any religious comments that may be seen there. To see what the world thinks of Merrill Jenkins, google: "merrill jenkins" money using quote marks exactly as you see them here. If you want his first book, write to:hadagin@yahoo.com

Waffler, Smith

Give it up you guys! There is NEW WORLD ORDER. The world is and always has been new every day that the sun rises. Relationships between people, their environment and between groups of people are always in flex. There never has and never will be a static, set in concrete, order between these things. It is simple, intolerant, inflexible minds that look for some concrete static situation in a world and sea of constant change. Be brave and face the future as did our founding fathers who threw off the shacles of their world order in order to embrace the future that was and is America.

E Archer, NYC

Oh, Moses, smell the roses, Waffler. Sheesh, the 'New World Order' is not the newness of each moment in this ever-changing world. It specifically represents total control over all capital and credit on the Earth -- and it ain't a democracy either. It is totalitarian oligarchy of the banking cartel to whom everyone alive and yet to be born are indebted -- forever. Wake the f#@k up -- you are not only living in a dream world, you are supporting the enslavement of billions and the deaths of millions. But arguing with a hypocrite is useless anyway, because you are intolerant and inflexible -- aren't you against 'climate change'? You know what temperature the globe should be? You know what the weather should be? You support a sea of change? BS -- you only support the changes you want. I know most folks here believe you to be a fool or a plant -- but either way, you make a poor argument in support of the brave new world order that obviously has taken care of you so well. The only thing is that there is a cost to so many others in order that you may slumber in ignorance.

Waffler, Smith

No it does not Archer. It is an argument idiots bought into after Bush The Frist made a speech and used the phrase "The New World Order" describing the international diplomatic situation at the end of Reagan;s term and just a few years after the fall of the Wall. Can't you dig this. The fear of new and order is just a psychological knee jerk by people who cannot handle new, future and other such terms. They are the weak, the timid, the mentally deficient.

E Archer, NYC

Actually, no, Waffler, the term 'new world order' is older than Bush Sr (who funnily enough spoke it Sep 11, 1991, 10 years to the day of the bombing of the World Trade Center) who used it many times during his presidency. The Council on Foreign Relations (founded by Rockefeller) has been the driving force of the NWO under many different terms - i.e. 'new international order', international government, world government, etc.. Nicholas Butler (pres, of Carnegie Endowment) used the term in 1915. Castro used the term in 1979 speaking before the UN. What you ignore is what the words refer to -- i.e. world government. And how is that world government to be organized? Underneath the control of un-elected elites -- in particular the global banking interests, the uber-rich. The League of Nations was the first attempt, the UN the second, and from the UN we have gotten the IMF/World Bank (which creates 'money' out of nothing to 'loan' to poor nations that eventually collapse under the debt). Do you even have a clue as to what this new world 'order' will be? How will it be 'ordered'? Suffice it to say, plans have been made -- and you have no say, Waffler, you have no rights other than what the 'authorities' grant you. The new world order is the attempt to create a world government in which all nations are indebted, to which all must pay tribute, and must obey the dictates therefrom -- it is officially global fascism. All we need is a benevolent dictator and we will be fine -- but good kings are hard to find. Waffler, how you can defend an order you know nothing about, I have no idea, but either you are a willing dupe or a willing dope. Probably both.

Jim, Ft Worth, Texas

Satan never sleeps. He's been working overtime since 1913.

MeInTheCornfield, Citizen of Heaven

If a S O U R C E was provided for this quote, I MIGHT give it more credence.

Justin Ebert, Las Vegas,NV

If you watch this speech you will quickly realize he never said this.

mondo, sydney

The meme quote is 'derived' from his actual quote on Sept. 23, 1994 at a meeting with the UN "This present window of opportunity which during a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built will not be open for too long. Already there are powerful forces at work that threaten to destroy all of our hopes and efforts." https://youtu.be/MM8NpjmXD00

joshua, nyc
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joshua, nyc    8/5/16

That's not what he even said. Watch the video people. See it for yourself with your own eyes. This quote was fabricated

Cts, Naples, FL

Covid 19, loss of freedom to congregate, no toilet paper....This is what you get from GLOBALIZATION and dependent upon another countries for our well being....how far are we away from total tyranny and ONE WORLD ORDER?

Curt, Blane

The world is outta control, and has been for a very long time. The rich guys think they can create peace etc... by using a major crisis.
 Thats the only way they think this will work. Simply saying stuff that is in line with what they want, would not be enough to convince the masses because they already dont trust them to begin with.
I just dont think the quote is malicious.
People just arent allowed to say what they mean anymore without it being taken personally or misinterpreted.
 We need more order...we do...we need less or no wars.
Its that simple. Sure i guess there are rich guys who are bad ,and no good, and thats the rich war...the good rich vs the bad rich while we are affected by the results.

Glenn, Rochester

Here we are. A comment above said the American people wouldn't stand for it.  WRONG!  We watch our freedoms being taken away daily for a virus that the fake media even admits kills less than 1% of the population.  The vaccine has tracers that permanently alter one's DNA and give access to your health instantly to anyone with a reader.  Those of us in the know can imagine all the nefarious ways this is going to be used on us in the future. People are so busy playing the Red Blue Game that they don't realize that they are two wings of the same evil bird.  Both results will lead to slavery and eternal damnation.  I pray to God I'm wrong and I've just read too much conspiracy crap, but every time I google and check it out, it's there.  Google patent 2020 060606, Check out the ad for Lucefaras.  Check out armstrongeconomics.com  
God Bless


I have to see the video before I form an opinion!


Okay I found the video. I am watching it now. It is 1 hour long. I am going to forward to David Rockefeller.

Anyone who wants to view it can Google the context below:

September 14, 1994
Annual Ambassadors' Dinner

During the annual ambassadors' dinner, held to honor the United Nations diplomats and secretariat officials, the U.N. Business Council awarded…


The last 2 lines are FALSE. David Rockefeller said "This present window of opportunity during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be here, or open for too long. Already there are powerful forces at work that threaten to destroy all of our hopes and efforts to erect an enduring structure of global cooperation. I refer here to those ruthless advocates of ethnic nationalism who seek to break apart existing nations as well as to militant fundamentalists who want to subordinate or even eliminate anyone who refuses to comply with their own rigid ideological beliefs. In contrast to those radical and divisive forces our contemporary world has also seen the emergence of an array of scientific, technological and economic phenomena that are linking nations more closely together making enhanced cooperation not only possible but absolutely imperative..."


This conversation has been going on since 2007. It is now November 4, 2020. Why hasn't anyone else googled, found and listened to the "September 14, 1994 Annual Ambassadors' Dinner?" You can find it in your GOOGLE search in less than 1 minute. We cannot have these conversations for 13 years without anyone doing their research. Let's not take people out of context. We have the tools to find truth. Let's keep it REAL! This is ridiculous.

Fred, S. Lorenzo

The 2020 American coup
Massive voting fraud proved Biden is a White House squatter. All his decisions are void. The real president is Donald Trump. The same goes for illegitimate congressmen and other elected officials.


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