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“[G]overnment theft of private money and redistribution by a government elite is communism not democracy. ... Communism has already been tried for over 70 years, and it doesn't work because people work to support themselves, not their neighbors. When the rewards are confiscated and redistributed to others, people produce less or stop producing altogether. The quantity of "goods in common" declines until the system finally collapses and everybody is hungry, not just "the poor." Then totalitarianism steps in to force people to produce (ask the Russians, the Poles, the Estonians).”

~ Don Hull

The UnReported News, August 27, 1995

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J Carlton, Calgary

The end product of the UN's Agenda 21 explained....

jim k, Austin, Tx

Our current president seems to think that Communism would work pretty well here in the USA. This makes perfect sense since he is a Communist, and a Muslim to boot.

cal, Lewisville

No one can argue with this.

E Archer, NYC



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