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“When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered.”

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Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Then King George W has won thru our inaction... down with the King!


This quote is exactly why supporting the ENTIRE Bill of Rights is so absolutely essential. When choosing a candidate for public office, whether it be a local town selectman or the President of the United States, one should ALWAYS support the candidate that FULLY believes in protecting the ENTIRE Bill of Rights. That means no candidate for public office that supports something as asinine as gun control should ever be elected. This leaves out McCain,Guiliani, Romney,Obama,Clinton,Biden and probably a few more that don't immediately come to mind. NEVER voluntariliy give up anything in the Bill of Rights,..NEVER. Your great grandchildren will not experience true freedom if we don't have a Bill of Rights focus. Marc Owner and Webmaster

E Archer, NYC

That is why if Liberty is ever to take hold, the change must come within each and every individual -- it is an individual shift from dependence to independence while of course observing the Golden Rule as well as the Constitution.

Joe, Rochester, MI

People do not understand what they have voluntarily relinquished.

Ken, Allyn, WA

This is why soft socialism is much more dangerous than communism ever was. If a government is careful not to push the majority of the people to discomfort, and in fact reward dependence, it will last perpetually (or at least until the last productive person gives up and produces no more).

David, Bakersfield, California

Thank you, Joe from Rochester! This is the hardest part of making people understand what is really happening! The liberties we were once afforded are slowly being restricted, and once people get used to the restriction, they are OK with it being taken away completely when it does happen... We are SO restricted now, I can't even begin to count the loss of liberties. I really see (or rather hear) the blinders at sporting events, during the singing on the National Anthem. The line "O'er the Land of the Free", and everybody cheers... They have no idea how free they AREN'T! It is true we are likely the "free-est" country on the planet, and we SHOULD count our blessings while we can, as we soon will lose them... irrevocably. So many taken from us... and people think it's all in the name of "freedom", or "security"... You'll all also notice I didn't use the Federal designation of CA for my state, I spelled it out. I'd prefer to think that I just DO NOT live in a federal jurisdiction, even though I do, through my involutary agreement of "Social Security Number".

Robert, St. Emilion, France

And yet liberty is being relinquished all over America - but returned (hopefully) by those few who fight to restore liberty. This is the continuing story of humanity - Plato's "Cave" is still relevant...

jim k, Austin

Ken, Allyn, I like your comment.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

Well said, Robert, France ! Liberty was taken by force, and can be restored by force. As the blood spilt during the civil war, and the 140.000 imprisoned by FDR in 1937 for speaking out against the forced institutionalization of democratic socialism. The " cave " is very relevant and always will be.

Warrdoc, Elk Grove,CA.

Robert, of ST. Emillion, Thank you! Plato's "Cave" reminds me of another metaphor, "Crab Bucket Syndrome" . The problem as I see it, is how does one who is enlighten, go about bring others to the light without being killed for their efforts? Liberty / Freedom, independence are just one section of the wheel of the history of mankind, the other sections include slavery,rebellion, freedom, laziness, indifference, oppression, tyranny & we start over again.


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