Edward R. MurrowEdward R. Murrow, (1908-1965) American broadcast journalist and war correspondent

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“We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.”

Edward R. MurrowEdward R. Murrow
~ Edward R. Murrow

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Rev. Len Ripley, Folly Beach, SC

How true this is today with the theocracy our President and his religious right friends are attempting to create! Patriot Acts are anything but patriotic!

Joe, Rochester, MI

100% correct. Also, we must show how freedom works by example ... NOT by shoving it down their (Iraqis, Afghanis, etc.) throats in the name of democracy. THEY must decide they want freedom and fight for themselves to get it, or WE will always be paying for them, both in dollars and lives. Without spilling their own blood for their freedom, they will never appreciate the freedom (or democracy) they have, and will detest us for giving it to them. The insurgents will become the "founding fathers" of their country, repelling the bad Americans.

Gary, NYC
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Gary, NYC    1/12/06

Freedom: Use it or loose it. http://www.rosetreearts.com

E Archer, NYC

Wow! What a concept!! Repeal the Patriot Act!! Do you know how many rights you USED to have that you don't have now? How do you think they will return... ? Only when the People demand that the government follow the rules -- the Constitution.

warren, olathe

True that is why we need the patriot act and other measures to protect us. The data mining of international calls to isolate communications with the terrorist groups is a perfect example of what needs done. We need leaders that are a bit bolder like presidents in the past that would have done much more that just the anemic patriot act.

warren, olathe

They did decide they want freedom Joe. That is why they celebrated when the tyrants were deposed and why they are joining their countrymen in battle to keep what they now have. The combat death toll of Iraqi patriots fighting the terrorists is much higher than our troops suffer and they are continually increasing the size of their army and police force.

J Carlton, Calgary

The Patriot Act, Home Land Security are pretty much the same thing as Hitler's Enabling Act and the Gestapo of 1936-45 Germany. And it was also for the security of the people....What a load of BS.No other excuse for tyranny has ever been given than: "for the good of the people".

Ken, Allyn, WA

The Patriot Act is like a watered down version of the executive orders of the FDR administration before and during WWII. I suspect this quote by Murrow was made during that period.

Mike, Norwalk

The converse is also true: by deserting our home freedoms in joining a one world tyranny, freedom is lost to those abroad without defense.

Dr. Tom LaMar, Keeseville, NY

It saddens me to reflect on what it means about human nature, esp. when "bastioned" by religious "righteousness" and bigotry and the ability of the many to be corrupted as Franklin feared. The list of our loss is so large now that I only wish I were young so I could do more to try to restore what we once thought we had but were unsure even then.

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Robken    5/24/11

Where are the Edward Murrow's of today - we need them urgently. Today, media reporters are told what to say and no longer have any ethics, those that do soon lose their program/jobs.

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    Robken    5/24/11

    This is a very Important topic and deserves much longer comments. When did America make the wrong turn, the result of which we are now experiencing? Was it 1913 on Jekyll Island; was it the embracing of the 1773 Rothschild gathering to rule the world; then in 1821 it began, the great mind switch: thesis plus antithesis equals synthesis, which we use to this very day. The list goes on - what do you think are and were the major wrong turns?

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      Robken    5/24/11

      In most cases America has been at war with freedom fighters, and as long as the American public are OK with it, our government calls these freedom fighters terrorists, and our wonderful media goes along for the ride - that is the Hegel syndrome - now they are performing black ops in Pakistan so that they have an excuse for going in to save the world. Now China and Russia enter the arena if America is stupid enough not to heed China's warning then it may well be WWIII.

      bruski, Naples

      We Americans have forgotten the important factors in our successful venture into freedom.

      To paraphrase Pogo: "We are meeting the enemy and he is US!"

      Semper Fi.


      Ronw13, Yachats OR

      A Very Broad overview is needed, with an ever narrowing scope of understanding, Pinpointing correction. As Robken, brings to mind the need of longer commentary. The patriot act, another issue to address. By deserting the " sovereign individual " as then, also the individual states, like domino's. Forcing Truly aware Patrioits, to walk at Freedom knowing their inheritance " At Liberty " is lost. Striped away at the point of a gun, some 150 years ago. It has always been the point of certain European auxiliaries, who objects differ form our own, they, seeking "Just " grounds of opposition before the law, for sake of industrial commercial enterprise, to ( enslave ) such a young upstart nation as the USA. Americans no doubt, kept in the dark, and made to look foolish, in the "old worlds eyes ". A slave who knows it, is always much smarter, than one who does not ! True Patriots exist around the World, China with a Dear Old Friend of Faith is never forgotten. but I make no mention. Far to complex an understanding, for most in the USA. for that matter most everywhere. It is a mute point to speak of privacy !!. lawyer's are having a field day with the unsuspecting and unknowing mass. Knowing litigation is a perpetual circle, enhanced by socialism. The Taller the Tree, The Farther you See within God's Garden. One Male, Remember the Good Guy comes first, " gather together ". this for the U.S.) seems Europe always wants to point fingers and make fun of our once, at liberty. For Americans, the number 13 is Very Good, exposing 13 moral natural laws of conduct to be maintained by those that would lend or barrow money with those " Set At Liberty " it is no wonder media plays it, to such a bad light. Shame on them, more so the Banks. Now is the time to pray, for we're going to need it !


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