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“Saying it’s okay for the government to spy on you because you’re innocent and you have “nothing to hide”... Is like saying it’s okay for the government to censor free speech because you have “nothing to say.” ”

~ Edward Snowden

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Gunslinger, Texas

He does speak the truth

bruski, Naples

"........And the truth shall make you free!"

Emphasis mine.

Semper Fi.


Luis P, venezuela

100% agree, It is incredible that governments that promise to promote freedom have destroyed the individual privacy. In order to control his people, besides know the finance of every person exposing people to hell taxes, and expose them kidnappings and blackmails.

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    12/16/15

Short, sweet and to the conclusion of an excellent constitutional point.

Ronw13, Yachats OR

Privacy ? Nothing is hid, that shall not be exposed ! Whether good or evil. If, and I say If it were not for the need to know your enemy, there would be no need for a faithful honest watch. For the layman and/or average citizen, sacrifice is far from their daily lives. Trying the reins in the night, continues till the morning comes. Romans 8:27. Tyranny hides behind the cloak of Liberty and Freedom. Let the guard be tried and found honest and true, Before Put on Watch. Divine Providence outweighs democratic vote ! Cleaning house will come. " The truth shall make you free INDEED " I find when set at Liberty, one becomes a servant to do that which is Right, ( beware ) and not so much, what you like !
Semper FI

Bobble, No. Ferrisburgh, VT

A non-sequitur if ever I heard one. "Is like.." -- bah, humbug !

david young, CDM

big diff between spying, and censoring; observation does not imply coercion

E Archer, NYC

Right on.


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