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“The Republic was not established by cowards; and cowards will not preserve it ... This will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.”

~ Elmer Davis

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KS., Somewhere,USA.

Damn Right ! Amen. A great quote. This quote should be printed on 150 million t-shirts and handed out to each american on July 4th of every year.

Vexari, Indian Shores

Star Spangled Banner by Whitney Houston http://youtube.com/watch?v=wupsPg5H6aE

anonymous, hsghs

Excellent quote. Really great. It tells us why nations suffer and how do they get out of the trauma. Really great!

Where are, the real patriots?

It's a great quote, but that's about it. We have too many now, who are the type of patriot that shouts loudly online but will not go next door and befriend the neighbor he does not know, much less the neighbor new to this country, and instill in him what being an American really means. Unless we are strong enough to befriend those new to this country, and show them by word and example what being an American means to us, we become a dwindling few who are frustratingly typing away on computers "Stand Up Stand Up" when in essence we are saying "Is this the End? Someone do something".... It's a great quote. I pray to my God that it is not something that will be lost to history.

E Archer, NYC

Courage gives us the strength to take the stand we need to take when we most need to take it...

J. B. Wulff, Bristol, CT

It's a great quote and reminds me of some of the quotes we relish from President Reagan. Too many fail to understand that America is an ongoing experiment as Lincoln put it in his Gettysburg Address. His lines were required to be memorized when I was in grammar school. Fifty-five years later, they still echo in my mind and remind me of that truth!

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Robken    9/22/11

The Republic was created by the enlightened elite unfortunately they also had their interest at heart.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Robken, everyone has their interests at heart and our founding fathers put theirs on the line and would have been hanged if the British had won.

Mike, Norwalk

Great sentiment and very accurate. The Republic that was a beacon of freedom and liberty's light has been replaced (almost completely, in its entirety) by a statist theocracy of cowardly patrons that would rather send their children out to die in the cause of nation building than to bravely stand up to tyranny, would rather pay a slaves token than to preserve an animating contest of freedom, would rather kowtow to their godly giver of rights than to conduct business, make contracts, marry, move about as individual free sovereigns, would remain in a land where the foreign despot indoctrinates their children rather than taking the time and responsibility of teaching freedom, etc., etc., etc.

CWilson, Scotts Valley , ca

I found the quote! I am going to use this to write in a book cover of "The 5000 Year Leap" I am giving to a teacher of US History!

Kimo, USA
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Kimo, USA    9/22/11

AMEN, God, give us all the strength, to do what must be done, to preserve the union. Closer and closer.it comes.. Hopefully, we can rid this country of the communists without bloodshed.

Kimo, USA
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    Kimo, USA    9/22/11

    To the person who spoke about 'is this the end' well, We have tried for 40 years to make friends, I think the lines have been drawn. My answer is, why don't those people you speak of, come to us? we will talk, to many of us, many of them REFUSE to live by our laws, thus the culture battle, which has not yet begun.....Some of the real patriots, are here, there are millions, we follow the law..until its time not to. We are law abiding men, that is what keeps nations together. Pray the patriots never lose all patience. You ever heard the ol adage 'watch out for the quiet ones" ...well, there are millions of those in my country. What do you expect them to do? walk out the door and start shooting? They wont, that is not our way, we must wait for the first shot to be fired. And as for myself, I would not want to be on the receiving end of hundreds of millions of angry Americans, I know what they are capable of. So do they, that is why they hold.

    J Carlton, Calgary

    Exactly right.

    Jane C, Glide, OR

    Amazing quote!

    Durham, Birmingham

    We give lip service to freedom, but this is now the land of the formerly free and the home of the formerly brave. Our republic has degenerated into a de-mob-ocracy, and the best organized mob votes for a nanny government.

    Enjoy the bread and circuses while they last.

    jim k, Austin

    5 stars again.


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