Ernie Kovacs Quote

“There's a standard formula for success in the entertainment medium, and that is: "Beat it to death if it succeeds." ”

~ Ernie Kovacs

Ratings and Comments

Mike, Norwalk

Probably, as far as entertainment goes. If the entertainment medium were illuminated for what it is (a proselytizing extension of a perverse few / and-or government), it would have to be given accolades for its successes.

E Archer, NYC

Kind of reminds me of all the popular rackets operating in the world, politics being one of the most lucrative. Find out what the masses clammer for and use that as the impetus for implementing your own agenda. Look at how Obama's campaign machine does exactly this -- we are constantly being bombarded with propaganda, and we can only assume that it must be working because they indeed are beating it to death. Fear mongering is big business because it works.


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