Franklin D. RooseveltFranklin D. Roosevelt, (1882-1945), 32nd US President

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“[The commerce clause was written] in the horse-and-buggy age ... since that time … we have developed an entirely different philosophy. ... We are interdependent, we are tied in together. And the hope has been that we could, through a period of years, interpret the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution in the light of these new things that have come to the country. It has been our hope that under the interstate commerce clause we could recognize by legislation and by judicial decision that a harmful practice in one section of the country could be prevented on the theory that it was doing harm to another section of the country. That was why the Congress for a good many years, and most lawyers, have had the thought that in drafting legislation we could depend on an interpretation that would enlarge the constitutional meaning of interstate commerce to include not only those matters of direct interstate commerce, but also those matters which indirectly affect interstate commerce.”

Franklin D. RooseveltFranklin D. Roosevelt
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

May 31, 1935 press conference, responding to a Supreme Court decision that defined the commerce clause narrowly enough to interfere with his regulation of farm products

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Mike, Norwalk

I would love to give multiple thumbs down here, many for the usurpation and otherwise illegal acts justified by a clearly unconstitutional interpretation; and, many more for the vile individual that would entertain, let a lone implement such despotism and tyranny.

Wendell, J

This quote totally misses the fact that the commerce clause is still limited by the express enumerated powers clause in the tenth amendment. Whatever the federal government wants to twist the commerce clause to mean, the feds have no powers other than those enumerated specifically to it. I hate this use of the commerce clause by lovers of an aggressive federal government because so much has been done in it's name to subvert freedom.

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Anonymous    1/11/11

Has not a thing to do with freedom. But the pure governments tyrannical hand trying to control more and shows there nature of an ever changing constitution instead of the constitution being a contract.

J. Allen, Arlington, Va

FDR the worst president ever. His policies lengthened the depression. His answer to temporary difficulties was to force an entire nation into dependency on SS. Nothing more than indentured servititude to the government. Freedom denied!

J Carlton, Calgary

It's just another avenue of control.

cal, lewisville, tx

FDR loaded the supreme court with his bastards and could do anything he wanted.

jim k, Austin,Tx

The Commerce clause is now used to allow the government to control almost anything it chooses.

E Archer, NYC

Freedom from the dictates of the Crown was also accomplished during the horse and buggy age -- do we throw the idea of freedom out the window, too, then? FDR, with the help of the richest bankers in the world ushered in fascism in America. Some say that since that time our Constitution is in fact moot and without a constituency as the US government officially became bankrupt and in receivership to the Federal Reserve under a constant state of national emergency that has never been lifted since. As a result, the common law jurisdiction has been lost, the entire money supply of gold confiscated by the Fed, land patents no longer issued to protect property owners from constant taxation, progressive income tax, constant foreign entanglements and war, and a broken and conditioned populace accustomed to being perpetual wards of the state. I hope Americans will one day soon recover their free heritage and just say 'no more' to fascism in America whether from the left or the right. No more!

Justin, Elkland

Was there ever a greater enemy of liberty in America?

Rusty, Where the buffalo roam

A 'Liberty Quote' from the Godfather of Socialism in the USA? I don't think so Tim...

Anonymous, USA

No wonder as soon as he left office the people put up term limits for the President. There should be term limits for the Congressmen & Senators. The Constitution has been taking and twisted, misused, ignored and abused so badly that I would like any person who has done this be charged with non-compliance with the Constitution. But there was one other President I consider a great enemy of liberty, Woodrow Wilson, oh, I'm sorry one more the current Leader we have now.

Waffler, Smith

and so it is through his enlightened leadership and those of others who have gone before and after we have ended horse and buggy things like segregation, where some people could not travel and get lodging and food enroute. We have started and continue to attempt to clean up air and water, the benefits of his thinking goes on and on and yet others and you know who you are only claim that eliminating such "horse and buggy" practices is an affront to your liberty.

Richardg, Eugene Or

This was one of the worst Presidents in history. I would not quote this progressive hack ever.

Howard, Bangkok

Waffler, you're an idiot

Dave Wilber, St. Louis

Those wfho think we have freedom from the crown should see: and:

Dave Wilber, St. Louis

Those wfho think we have freedom from the crown should see:


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