Friedrich August von HayekFriedrich August von Hayek, (1899-1992), Nobel Laureate of Economic Sciences 1974

Friedrich August von Hayek Quote

“Many of the greatest things man has achieved are not the result of consciously directed thought, and still less the product of a deliberately coordinated effort of many individuals, but of a process in which the individual plays a part which he can never fully understand.”

Friedrich August von HayekFriedrich August von Hayek
~ Friedrich August von Hayek

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Mike, Norwalk

The whole butterfly effect kinda thaang comes to mind (as well as many other examples) You didn't build that is in direct opposition to this concept.

Ron w13, Or

Many, but not all great things. Full disclosure is held in reserve. Reveled when it is due time. " Men that sleep do speak " as Solomon tells us. He having full understanding of what part he plays. Handed down through time is " The rule which God provides ". Foundation is taught in parts and pieces, natural law is displayed in graduation of scale, there again a few marks at a time. Woven in mystery form, that the individual must search it out. This process of teaching put forth by the teacher, knowingly so. If he be so ordained. Otherwise they teach unknowingly, only in part. This gives the student an awareness of who has the rule.

Ron w13, Or

I would like to add at this point in time a reference to " Divine Providence ". Gods ability to direct the affairs of nations and men, one as easy as the other. Natural law, graduated with cardinal order upon a shared scale will and is a binding force between Israel and the United States. Showing Gods fingerprints. Newton's perspective, reveled not long ago by resurfacing documents, which are in Israel's hands do err through chronological order, dates to fit with theories of numbers. Nevertheless this will not change the true unfolding of events. The more the unveiling, the more unrest with our adversary and the persecution of true Christians and true Jews around the world. With the unveiling of Gods laws of nature, will bring us to the reveling of his " Right Arm " which none speak of. Support Israel at all cost !

Walter Clark, Fullerton CA

Just wanted you to know that I do like some of these quotes. Hayek in particular is fantastic. But do be cautious about praising heroes who make too brief a statement where you read into it what you want, or statements like that of Hoffer that sounds really really deep because he states it in profoundly sounding double negatives.
.... ...... Oh and who is this Ron w13 little girl? How can such a childish mind make complete sentences. I checked them. They are and spelled right too. Do you think it is a computer program that puts together random words? Or what?

L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada

Evolution is real. In thought as well as physical process. You are demonstrating that fact. Although, like the less adaptable humanoids, like neanderthal, you in-bread BACBFs will die out (thank gawd).

Ron w13, Or

" Too brief a statement " Sounds like The truth stung you again Walter ! Mr. Hanson , every one can see, a child grow up !! Thank you ! That will become old hat ! Do you think, man has not seen the length of days handed down by God in length of days ? Come up to speed ! Deception is not becoming ! Trust, That the God of nature exist, our founding fathers, perhaps new more than you.

Vedpushpa, Bangalore - India.

Thou 'art' That says the Ultimate of Hindu-Indian philosophical statement. All human progress - material or moral has appeared as a
out of the ordinarly claim - and has proved itself either through experimentation or experience and then accepted as a newely discovered or realized 'human possibility'.

E Archer, NYC

I like it.  There does appear to be an underlying 'song' that is harmonized from within each individual living according to their nature and inclinations.  There is a resulting chorus and drama.  A grand opus of ever unfolding Truth.  We all have our parts to play, and our guidance is from within with a touch of destiny.  ;-)


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