Friedrich NietzscheFriedrich Nietzsche, (1844-1900) German philosopher, cultural critic, poet, philologist

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“Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.”

Friedrich NietzscheFriedrich Nietzsche
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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J Carlton, Calgary

Yep...this government, these laws and the theft of our wealth by this government of humans who think they have the right to tell us what our rights are is compiled of liars and theives.

jim k, Austin,Tx

Not everything the State says is a lie, it's only about 99.5%. With the Pelosi gang however, it's easily 100%.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

Independent fact checking repeatedly shows that the lies come more consistently from organizations such as New Corp and the filthy rich backers of the GOP such as the Koch brothers. And big lie filled government has repeatedly been the product of election of the GOP (Reagan & Bush II are both great examples).

Elaine, Atlanta

Obama, Pelosi, Reid Agenda is the perfect definition for this description of the lies and everything they have stolen and the things they consider stealing in the future to turn us into a Global One World Order. Why do you think Pelosi wants to stay on in Congress even if it is just as Minority Leader of the left. Because she is the snake in the grass and knows every place to hide and attack. She will also be the perfect spy for Obama.

Mike, Norwalk

The old adage of telling a thousand truths to believe one lie makes all that was said a lie. There are taxes that do not fall within a definition of larceny under natural law but, when the government is in toto aloof from We The People, such as is the statist theocracy that infests this land all acquisition of wealth is theft.

E Archer, NYC

The GOP and the Dems are in the same fraternity -- they are the same!! Reston deludes himself while clinging to the Democrats as if they were squeaky clean -- talk about big bankers, what about the Rockefellers, my friend?!! Last I checked, there were more rich Democrats in power than rich Republicans, so get it right. Corporatism is fascism which is a form of socialism. The Big Brother Nanny State is not our kindly nurse maid -- it is our master and we are its slaves.

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RBESRQ    11/10/10

Wow, Archer, you are beginning to sound like me, or is it the other way round. As you know, capitalism cannot exist without socialism. Reston your heart is in the right place keep it there many have lost it.

J Carlton, Calgary

RBESRQ, You have got to be kidding! Capitalism can not exist without Socialism? Socialism is the cancer that holds back the Real benefits of Real Capitalism. When we are all interdependent in society, as we all are in pure capitalism, we find that altruism and philanthropy are natural occurrences...and can NOT be mandated by government without the taint and corruption that comes with government.


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