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“A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man; a debt he proposes to pay off with your money.”

~ G. Gordon Liddy

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Mike, Norwalk

In Amerika, absolutely

E Archer, NYC

Yes, well, the neocons have laid us with quite a bit of debt, too, lately.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Neither a liberal or conservative be, these are ideological traps, be an optimal pragmatist.

jim k, austin

That about sums it up.

Bryan Morton, Stuart, FL

Everyone in the US government is a liberal now. We don't have an opposition party, it's all one big happy, tax, spend, borrow, destroy party. They're all either socialists with fascist leanings or fascists with socialist leanings. They have no morals or ethics. The individual rights of life, liberty and property mean nothing to them.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

By any measure, this is pure BS from a crook who knows nothing but self interest.

True Freedom Fighter, Thinking, USA

Again Liberty Tree comes thru for the radical right. 'Attorney, FBI agent, politician, radio personality'. They left off Jailbird. This is a man that was involved in Watergate and spent time in jail. He believes in freedom and rights as long as they are his. Wire-taping, breaking and entering into your house and business are just some of the things he believes is ok. Over the years I have noticed that Liberty Tree has begun to kneel to the Temple of Rush and all the others that believe that a half truth is not a lie. They will be the group that will bring back the thinking of Hitler. Watch them and check out everything they send out.

Jack, Green, OH

Who would believe a word coming from a criminal like Liddy? He never spoke the truth.

Editor, Liberty Quotes

We quote from all sides, True Freedom Fighter, and as has been said many times, we do not necessarily agree with the quotes but present them as food for thought. Thanks for commenting, and if there are some quotes you would like us to send out that better express your ideas of freedom, please do send them to us. We've been picking out quotes every day since the year 2000, and we are open to suggestions (we do not have even one quotation from Rush Limbaugh in our database, so I am not sure what you are talking about). As a 'True Freedom Fighter,' I look forward to some of your own favourites. We've updated Liddy's bio and included 'convicted Watergate burglar' in case there was anyone here that didn't already know that -- should we add 'nut case,' too? '-) We'll leave that for others to decide. Cheers!

Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA

This says it perfectly, and I also agree 100% with commenter Bryan Morton.

E Archer, NYC

Ooo, yeah, look out, everyone, Liberty Tree is really subversive -- can't you tell? Watch 'em, watch 'em! ;-) Too funny, 'True Freedom Fighter.'

jim k, austin

Liberty Tree has begun to kneel at the temple of Rush ??? This is pure nonsense as is the line by Anonymous. Hey Jack Green, Mr Liddy spoke the truth at least once, in his quote above, He's exactly right in defining a liberal.

warren, olathe

dead on.

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Jim    2/16/09

The truth!

maggie, leslie

Neocons don't spend your money on other people. THEY SPEND IT ON THEMSELVES!

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk maggie, leslie 5/8/20

maggie, why the thumb's down? No liberty lover would disagree with your comment BUT, what does that have to do with the accuracy of the quote? If you were trying a misdirection justification for current liberals  it didn't work ;-)

Roy Freedom, Minneapolis, MN

Perhaps the best quote ever!

Ted, Lincoln,Ne

It says right on top "Watergate Burglar" Liddy is what he is, but he does speak the truth.

jim k, Austin

Bryan of Stewart, Florida says it well. I agree with him.

Bruski, Naples FL


I would change "Liberal" to socialist.

And, I believe Reagan was correct.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

Big gov got out of hand with FDR and the commerce clause. Changing the mindset from what is viewed from a distance. The general public. Liddy, an investigator. Of course he knew first hand of manipulation, coercion. fraud, and it goes deep. Or you could say it goes all the way to the top. Bryan, Stuart Fl. sums it up very well. Just like natural law, things align themselves accordingly. Truth.

Mike, Pleasant Hill

If the truth hurts? Attack the messenger bearing it.

A lot of cognitive dissonance in control for some here, where the "truth" is as pliable as  Play-Doh when natural law is rejected.

Mary, MI
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Mary, MI    5/8/20

Mike, Pleasant Hill I fully concur with your observation.


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