Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, (1770-1831) German philosopher

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Quote

“What experience and history teach is this -- that people and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it.”

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
~ Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

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Mike, Norwalk


Robert, Sarasota

Why do we continually make the same mistakes and never learn from the past - I think Bertrand Russell said it best 'Man's inhumanity towards animals is only surpassed by his inhumanity towards himself’ (I think that's the correct quote?)

Joe, Rochester, MI

The U.S. has lost what morals and principles it had. Proof you ask? Bill Clinton!

E Archer, NYC

Collective intelligence and desires are reduced to their basest levels the bigger the collective becomes -- it is reduced to the lowest common denominator. In the end, man is an animal living in a world in which animals live by killing and eating other animals. It is conceivable that mankind will not ever lose those traits.


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