George OrwellGeorge Orwell, [Eric Arthur Blair] (1903-1950) British author

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β€œThe essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labor.”

George OrwellGeorge Orwell
~ George Orwell

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Mike, Norwalk

The current war on an advertised virus is an excellent example of the quote's overall point; while, there are many essential acts of war β€” destruction seems to be at the vast majority thereof. Morals, ethics, religion and lifestyles are not necessarily products of labor while existing as essential acts of destruction. Designer wars, such as on drugs, poverty, etc. destroys much more than the advertised focus. Wars on love, truth, knowledge, inalienable rights, liberty, etc. β€” such as being currently waged by the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land on a once free people cycles through destruction of human lives / products of human labor then, products of human labor / human lives.

E Archer, NYC

And as we have learned from the authoritarian response to the pandemic, simply prevent labor, and the result is the same.  Has anyone noticed that socialist jobs are essential but capitalist jobs are not?  It is a war against capitalism, in order to usher in socialism for perpetual dependency.


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