George OrwellGeorge Orwell, [Eric Arthur Blair] (1903-1950) British author

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“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.”

George OrwellGeorge Orwell
~ George Orwell

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Logan, Memphis, TN

Telling the truth is always a revolutionary act -- it takes reason, logic, and thought to discover things for what they are, and not for what everyone else wants them to be.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

We are always in a time of universal deceit it seems. Nehemiah the Prophet said and I paraphrase (can't find a bible right now) "The heart and mind of man is deceitful above all things." It seems that half the population is being deceitful at anyone time. Take climate change for example. There are two sides which one is lying?

jim k, austin

Algore said that people who disagree with him on global warming are the same as Holocaust deniers. We sure wouldn't want to have a debate on the subject, now would we. Man made global warming is the hoax of the century, along with Roosevelt getting citizens to turn in their gold for bank notes. Gore is a scam artist , deluxe.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

I thinketh Jim you may be making a preemptory adhesion to some authority, or better yet a preemptory adhesion away from some perceived authority (Al Gore). To adhere to an authority or to run away from an authority may be just as bad. Let us look to truth and we will be "saved".

J Carlton, Calgary

We definitely live in times of universal deceit. Unfortunately too many have been suckered into believing anything they are told. It will be the undoing of the USA.

Logan, Memphis, TN

Apparently there's more dissension among the "professionals" and "scientific experts" concerning the cause of global warming than what most man-made global warming purporters have wanted to admit:

E Archer, NYC

Very true. I have been called a traitor for merely speaking the same words as our Founders. ;-) The most truthful thing a person can say is often simply, "I don't know." Then when someone comes along and says, "well, I DO know, and there is no more debate," it simply demonstrates the obviousness of 'truth by force.' Think ahead -- look at the 'solutions' they are trying to sell us -- centralization of more power (to control the weather!), massive new taxation (i.e. money in politicians' pockets), promoting corporate monopolies and hurting small independent businesses. In England, there are devices now being touted: a 'backpack' for cows that collect bovine flatulence to reduce green house gases! Soon you'll need to pay a tax to fart or exhale. Is there nothing mortal man cannot be made to believe?! You want to reduce CO2? How about planting some @#$ trees! (what a concept.) Lord help us.

Karl Marx, Franklin , Pa.

Does anyone in Washinton even know how to spell truth? What a novel concept truth.

RKA, Wasilla, AK

Enlightenment is the only revolution, and enlightenment is a derivative of truth.

Crystal, PA

My heart flitters at the correctness of this truth.

Mke, Norwalk

It is an astute observation that there are few to no revolutionaries in government today.

warren, olathe

Tell the truth about Co2 and you will be called a denier. Talk about the relationship between the growth of government and the shrinking of liberty and be called a right wing nut job. Tell the truth about any thing in politics and be called a liar.

Frank, Calgary, Canada

What we say matters. It is up to us to speak up without fear. Whether the cause be political, cultural, at home or in the work place. Long live the revolution.

john stafford, J.D., LP

Al Gore is a deadly fool and an ignorant but power-mad liar and fraud artist. I knew his Dad, from my days on the US Senate Staff in 1976-7. PS Gore lost in 2000 for ONE reason: BECAUSE he lost his home State of TN---NOT because of the few votes of Ralph Nader, a good man, in FL. Gore is the ONLY Presidential candidate to lose his home state! Those who know him the best like him the least, even his fellow Democrats.

Byron, Fort Collins

@john stafford, excellent points about that pseudo-scientist, Al Gore. Another Nobel Peace Prize "winner"--hehehe!!!

Kimo, USA
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Kimo, USA    9/13/11

Mr Orwell, was off by a few years, but, welcome to the revolution friends. Our privacy is GONE, and all he said, is now common place. Archer and Mike, as always, your comments are intelligent, and true. Can't resist, Al Gore's house, fully heated, cooled, a home that uses massive power [and that's just one]. While Bush's, house is cooled by well water, and powered by solar panels capable of being totally off the grid, yes, Al is one hell of a liar, and a hypocrite.

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Robken    9/13/11

An act we get criminalized - America wake up before your country totally becomes a no-fly zone. Wake up to the atrocities being carried out in your name. Wake up to the 9/11 lies. Wake up to the corrupt fiat economy. Wake up to politicians who are no more than whores for corporate interests. Wake up to a killing machine that is out of control. Wake up to your true nature, your true being, and put a stop to this madness - you can, you know, you just have to do It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, take your head out of the sand, and your butt off the sofa and shout "I'm not going to take it anymore" America is counting on you......

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    Robken    9/13/11

    P.s Al Gore was a smoke screen and you all fell for it...

    warren, olathe

    Has been for a while. Soon, I fear we shall be punished for it.

    Bobble, No. Ferrisburgh, VT

    To the degree that deceit is universal ( and it is, since people are born deceitful; though some to a larger degree than others, particularly in some lines of work ), then truth is revolutionary; as are innumerable other human positive qualities found more in the breaking than in its observance.

    Ronw13, Yachats OR

    There is a difference between a fool who walks on in darkness and another in their uprightness,( honesty, truthfulness with yourself and others ) , nevertheless, there is not a just man upon the earth that doeth good and sinneth not. For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Seven deceits, seven pillars of truth. The heart is oracle and can be numbered, at natural law. @ Robken, Our Voice and Actions can be heard through and by Article V. of the U.S.Constitution, CONVENTION OF STATES. The citizen army and coalition resisting Domestic Tyranny through and by our rights as individual sovereigns seeking to reestablish our Republic and all Rights Reserved. JOIN THE MOVEMENT, a path rarely spoken of and used perhaps only once in the history of our nation. Power of the people to Unite by State, district and house, a very legal " Right " p.s. number five at natural law represents ( death, the ability to strike down and amend. ) our Founding Fathers were and are pretty smart old boys. they knew how to get around the bull shit. one and one IS two

    Ronw13, Yachats OR

    Can one say, CODE OF UNDERSTANDING !! communication in the most simple of formats.

    Ronw13, Yachats OR

    Bobble, No, Ferrisburgh, VT. An interesting statement, " As are innumerable human positive qualities found more in the breaking than in the observance." Double Blind Studies with the introduction of innovation and the causality of effect, on individual and market behavior. But from a military or business stand point, it has always been held in training, that breaking down exposes positive qualities. as apposed to simple observance and instruction. Breaking the mold of conventional wisdom. It is a brave new world we live in. Happy Holidays.


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