George WashingtonGeorge Washington, (1732-1799) Founding Father, 1st US President, 'Father of the Country'

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“Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”

George WashingtonGeorge Washington
~ George Washington

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warren, olathe

Nice short and to the point.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

George should know he married most of his money. I think there are a few good men and women.

Sandra, Dallas

'Tis probably true, based on what we see on a day-to-day basis. Of course, there are a few good men AND women whose compass keeps them honest.

jim k, austin

Waff, you are nuts taking a swipe at George Washington. So he married well, so what. At least he didn't get it like todays politicians do who go in to Congress rich and come out 10 times richer.

E Archer, NYC

Only Waffler could condemn Washington and praise Hitler. Washington risked all he had against incredible odds to free a nation of subjects from an oppressive King. He was probably the most honest and upright person in American history. Had he joined the British in order to keep his lands and gain more, we would still be under British rule.

warren, olathe

Very good E Archer. Exactly right.

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RBESRQ    11/7/08

Let's hope Obama has the virtue to withstand the highest bidder - until I have proof to the contrary, I believe he does. I think today with our present fundamentalism and intolerance Washington may well have joined the British with no need of personal gain.

Ken, Allyn, WA

It's a safe bet that 0bama has been bought and paid for many times over, just like all the rest, and I agree SRQ, the intolerance and fundamentalist Marxism of the left is nearly intolerable.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Just keeping them honest. I love Washington and hate Hitler but the fact is Washington married up very well. I read a bio of his several years ago. You guys need to lighten up, get a sense of humour. All men may say something provactive on occasion. You guys are just to, to how should I say it doctrinarie. I love Washington because he was pragmatic. He wrote a wonderful letter to the Rabbi of the Providence Rhode Island synogogue, welcoming the Sons of Abraham to America to a voice in his government, not exactly like that other guy 150 years later. Archer and Warren will knee jerk on anything to preach their dogmatic ideology. Typical of closed minded types trying to make me guilty by association. I think it is an interesting study in contrasts between what Washington is quoted as saying here and the fact that he married so well. Lighten up folks and stop worshiping our fonuding fathers study them as fallible but yes great men. Great men are men and have faults also.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

For those of you who are interested in a deeper study of Washington and I won't hold my breathe because of your above shallow comments and attitudes but I have found the following which confirms Washingtons seeming or possible availability to the highest bidder. In Martha Washington by Patricia Brady it is stated: "The dashing Geo Wash. courted the young widow, though surviving letters reveal that he was DEEPLY INFATUATED with another woman, Sally Cary Fairfax. Ms. Brady still insists that George felt some AFFECTION or ESTEEM for Martha, that he didn't marry her JUST FOR MONEY. Whatever the case, Martha was deeply smitten with George and the pair grew into deeper love over the course of their marriage." Thus he did not marry Martha just for money but partly for money is what she is saying. Any of you with an open mind can obviously see that there is some serious questioning about whether or not George married for money or in effect accepted "a bribe" in order to give up his DEEP INFATUATION for Ms Fairfax in return for affection, esttem and the money of Ms. Martha. I will accept apologies for the aspersions that have been cast upon my character by the likes of Archer and Warren and any other blind worshippers of our founder gods (Logan for example). Not to worry, however, because I won't hold my breathe and turn blue for apolgies from such as these. In the right wing radical world dogma shall never be questioned.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, through geneology I have discovered I am related to Martha and so have done some study on my own. I've read Ms Brady's account and disagree with her conclusions in several places. Washington did seem to have crush on the flirtatious, well dressed, and cute Ms Fairfax but, it was the poise, class, intelligence, political perspectives, etc of Martha that he found most endearing. If the money was a factor, it was very minor at best.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Like many on this site you are more interested in your own lies and propaganda and whatever twist of fact helps your pre and ill conceived notions much more than you are in truth and honest analysis. As Joe and Barack say, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies and Gentlemen" that would be Joe and then Barack "Enough, enough". Your slanting and lies is evident in your descripiton of "deep infatuation" and substituting your own "crush". The point is he married partly for money and thus he was swayed by the higher bidder. How many of us would agree that we are swayed by the highest bidder and have not virture and principle. I would suggest that when we read this we think it applies to everyone or at least to many but not to ourselves. Well it applied to Washington also, so quit being uncritical slaves to the Fouding god Fathers.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

PS: Mike I am not especially impressed with your geneology. George's failure to be "deeply infatuated" with Martha may be why he has been forever known to have slept everywhere. I am descent of Nancy Hart a Revolutionary War Heroine who killed several South Carolina Tories who had invaded her pioneer Georgia homestead. She has a county named after her. I would assume you are not impressed with mine either.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Both men and women marry for money all the time. In the eighteenth century they were just a little more honest about it and called it a dowry. A marriage is in essence a business contract. As long as both parties get their fair compensation, so what? Q'est-ce que ca peu vous faire?

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, you make me smile, I'm impressed as much with the story of your ancestor as I am with mine. It is rather remarkable how you would rather believe a lie and continue to spout substantiveless rhetoric. (-: It sounds like if your relative lived in your county, you'd have to stay in constant hiding or else she'd have her way with you too. ;-)

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

I don't disagree with you Ken. I still don't think George W.'s quote is all that great. I think when we read it we think it is true of everyone but us. It seems to say that few men have any principles, which may be true but it is very sad. (Would you be willing to walk around with a sign saying "I have no principles and am available to the highest bidder.") I only suggest that Washington according to many historians made a calculated decision based partly on money. So if we read this quote between the lines thinking that George W. was somehow above the fray and superior to us mere mortals we may me making a mistake.

Zar, Dayton, Tennessee

Of coruse one small correction from me. King George was only a Tyrant in Revolutionary propaganda. He was actually himsefl both a Devoted Family Man and Pious Christian who did not really seek to harm anyone. In fact part of the reason the british lost the ar was that they were too nice. But its hard ot rally troops to overturn the good fellow over there, much better to call him a Tyrant. Also, the King was himself COnstitutionally Limited, not a absolute Monarch.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

No that's the boys, all men reject the bidder for the glory of love.


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