Germaine GreerGermaine Greer, (1939- ) Australian feminist

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“Security is when everything is settled. When nothing can happen to you. Security is the denial of life.”

Germaine GreerGermaine Greer
~ Germaine Greer

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J Carlton, Calgary

Terrorism will not be beaten by taking away American rights, freedoms and liberties. Nor will it be beaten by standing bureaucracies vying for power and funding. Usurpations by the White House are not a solution to anything. Security as we've come to see it is a joke at best, and anticipates nothing.

The Real Me Again

How can Security be the Denial of Life? That makes NO Sense to me.

Goop, Gloucester

The Real Me Again, I think she means that life is when things happen to you. Some people have an idea of absolute security that involves protection from any eventuality, but such an impregnable state would insulate a person from good fortune as well as calamity. Such a state could be likened to being dead -- as in devoid of physical physical sensation or numb, rather than being involved in some sort of afterlife. So maybe she is suggesting that security is over-rated, since taking risks is one of the ways in which we grow. I think George Orwell was addressing the same idea when he wrote, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

Mike, Norwalk

The Real Me Again, there is no real security in mortal life. Your home shelter's you for a time until a hurricane blows it over, or an earth quake shakes it down, or the government takes it away, or a gangster puts a bullet through it, or etc. Social Security only occurs while the robber barrens are able to enslave the non-participants, or until the fiat system over heats or otherwise collapses, or economic depression hits, or you're put in prison for some federal politically correct victimless crime, or etc. Only in death are you secure from the travails of this life. To deny life's adventures and insecurity is to have a false perception of security. "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure." (Helen Keller)

E Archer, NYC

Security is an illusion at best. There is no security from death only the delay thereof. 'A good death' is hardly known in American culture. All of life is a risk. The fear of death should not be the driving force of life. Carpe Diem!

Greg, Chichester

Amen Archie!

Bob, Eugene, OR

A pathetic life-hater.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

As long as one is content why not accept securtiy in your contentment? On the other hand if one thinks he can be happier by taking a risk he should go for it. Security is not everything. Archer I met a lady in East Texas last week who has retired from Canada and has a home in a wooded and lake laced area. She loves the view, solitude, and relaxation. She said "I can see my death in this environment." I thought it was touching that she was so content and felt comfortable about dying there. So I guees maybe some people do find "a good death" as you put it.

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RobertSRQ    5/6/08

We spend trillions on security and are you really more secure today than yesterday. As Archer said it is all an illusion and indeed Carpe Diem!

Mick, Manchester

Seems to be 2 points being debated here - national security which seemingly accepts no risk taking and individual security which embraces a degree of responsible risk taking. Risk assessment and management is becoming stifling as inevitably the rights for individuals to take acceptable risks bumps up against this growing industry.

Ronw13, Oregon

Greer, a complex " woman " who speaks of the Oppressive nature of male domination in cultures around the world. Strong willed are the people of Australia, rightfully so, considering their origin. Though not in the context, National security and Individual security seem to be the topic. Inevitable, without a doubt, information gathering on a global scale, threat assessment enhanced, does not remove the human element and its ability to abuse. Made evident with recent hearings of the FBI, NSA. heads. the inadvertent gathering of info, and the leaking of " unmasked " individuals. Science by its nature seeks to emulate the Creators natural and spiritual abilities to oversee. It would be well to note, there is nothing hid from God and his " seven eyes " running to and fro, through the earth. One might not believe in God, but, people will sure believe in the NSA's ability to watch and listen to all. Nothing to hide, All to declare, whether good or bad. So then be as good as you can be. Greer by the way, an anarchist communist, turned to the Liberal democratic party. More of a 60's holdover than anything else, given to condoning violent revolution against the wholesome valued lifestyle. Her evil communications corrupted her good manners, her disdain held for her father clouds the overview and pollutes her reason.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

Security is a developmental growing process that creates barriers to death. Security, I'm sorry to have to contend with the quote, is the acceptance of life. 


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