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“Honor lies in honest toil.”

~ Grover Cleveland

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Joe, Rochester, MI

But what is it when government claims an ever increasing portion of your hard work to give to others? I call it theft. They call it taxes. The Constitution says there are direct and indirect taxes. Which one is income tax? Ask the IRS but you'll never get an answer.

Robert, Sarasota

Unfortunately it is exploited by the greedy and the spiritual welfare organisations. The honor is that which is within and rests with you at night.

robert, Sarasota


Mike, Norwalk

Promotion of compelled compliance, victimless crimes, societal licenses, theft of all kinds, forced charity, healthcare and IDs is tyrannical toil without honor.

Jack, Green, OH

Honor, like virtue, is its own reward. You know when you've earned it... and when you haven't.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Those self-esteem exercises that are so popular in government schools try to instill in children pride without achievement. It's all about feelings, and it engenders a sense of entitlement without work. Of course they grow up as good, little, programmed socialists. Those children that don't end up as brainwashed socialists know it is all a lie. They know there is no pride or honor without work and accomplishment.

E Archer, NYC


H Rearden, Burr Ridge IL

There are about a hundred quotes that should be taught to every kid in every school in America and this is one of them.


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